Saturday, May 9, 2009

Irv Drops & Disses Ashanti, For Show Promotion

So, recently Irv Gotti head of Murder Inc./The INC. Records, did a pretty revealing news release video with MTV. In the video he stated that he was honestly just going to drop the current biggest bread winner from his label, Ashanti.

To me personally this comes at a very ironic time, about a year ago Irv was giving radio host Wendy Williams mixed singles when she asked if Ashanti and him have ever been together sexually. Seems like promo for his reality show on VH1, Gotti's Way to me. But OK he did an interview, and that is that. But nearly after a year from Ashanti's fourth album release The Declaration which Gotti didn't play a role in as usual, Irv decides to drop her from The INC. The worst part about this, is that he actually has his second season of his reality show about to premier (unless it just recently did). It really comes off as a way for him to promote himself, more than being wise business wise with his label.

If he was upset and not happy with Ashanti's performance or sales of her last record, would she have been dropped 5 months or so after the album was released. To put that in perspective, the album was released in early June 2008. It is now early May 2009 and he decides to release a pretty harsh video and statements on why he is deciding to drop Ashanti.

I guess the funny thing is that Ashanti fans have been wanting her to leave Murder INC. ever since it's trial back in late 2004-early 2005. But Ashanti stayed loyal to her label, and didn't get out of her contract. The video also features Irv Gotti, trying to take credit for being who made Ashanti the star, and able to sell 503,000 copies of her self titled debut album in its first week. Which actually is a record by debuting female R&B artists. Anyways while the situation was definitely handled in the worst way possible, Ashanti has showed the world what she is capable and I see her having no problem finding a new home, that will promote her albums correctly. And for Irv, good luck with trying to jump start Murder INC again, I mean how long has Ja Rules album been pushed back, 3 years by now! I was always a fan of the label but the shady business of Irv could potentially turn me way off from Murder INC., we'll see.

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  1. I know why you are making such a big deal about this!! Ha. I honestly think Ashanti could venture off on her own and do her thing! She's good enough! So who cares of Irv drops her.