Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Drake Cuts Meet & Greets From Tour

Is Drake following in the footsteps of fellow Canadian entertainer and friend Justin Bieber? Yes and no.

Similarly, Drake is no longer doing fan meet and greets for his Summer Sixteen tour this summer.

According to PEOPLE, the “Headlines” singer-rapper, “canceled all of his fan VIP packages for the tour.” Packages which sold for up to $1,000 are receiving a $300 refund per package.

No word if Drizzy changed his mind about doing fan meet and greets in light of the the recent death of YouTube sensation turned The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie, June 10. "Scheduling issues,” has been reported as the reason for the cancelations.

Fans will still be able to share One Dance with Drake as he and Future are set to begin lighting up the stage for their Summer Sixteen Tour. The tour kicks of July 20, at Austin’s Frank Erwin Center and arrives for a three night residency at the Staples Center September 7, 9, and 10.

So while you won’t get to get up close and personal with Drake this summer, his tour with Future remains, you will still be able to Find Your Love and fix of Drizzy at one of 2016's biggest lineups.

Iggy Azalea’s “Team,” Less One Man

Saying 2016 has not been so great for Iggy Azalea might be the understatement of the year! 

First in January, her buzz single “Azillion” created little to no positive buzz for her comeback album. Later during Spring, her Los Angeles Lakers fiancĂ©, Nick “Swaggy P” Young, made news for admitting to cheating on Iggy via a leaked video filmed by teammate D’Angelo Russell.

The video became public knowledge at a terrible time for Iggy Azalea, when she had to do many promotional appearances for her newly released single, “Team."

Striding on like a trooper, Iggy continued to promote her official first single “Team” from her upcoming sophomore album, Digital Distortion. Sadly the single didn’t perform as well as her Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 predecessors, despite Azalea's promo campaign, which included high profile visits to Ellen DeGenres and Jimmy Fallon's talk shows.

The icing on a not so tasty wedding cake, Azalea just announced she and Swaggy P have officially split. The news comes nearly a year after she announced her engagement to the famous baller.

Iggy went on to write on Instagram stating, “although I love Nick and have tried and tried to rebuild my trust in him - it’s become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to.” Young simply took to Twitter to post “single."

If there is any blessing within this breakup, perhaps it will provide great ideas and content for the still release date-awaiting Digital Distortion LP, due out this year.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Single Review: J.Lo Empowers Ladies on "Ain't Your Mama"

Fans were elated when it was announced Jennifer Lopez was returning to her Urban music roots for her 2014 album A.K.A. Sadly the album wasn’t as successful or notable in comparison to early J.Lo music.

Cue 2016, “Ain’t Your Mama,” is that sound and style A.K.A. perhaps was missing. The Meghan Trainor cowritten jam is an uptempo R&B tune, thats super sassy, and has a catchy club ready beat courtesy of Dr. Luke.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This is NOT Going To Be Bigger Than... Taco Bell! | Quesalupa Review

Note: It doesn't look anything like that, shell/cheese wise.

Recently Taco Bell began promoting about their top secret new promotional item. Well it was revealed and it was what everybody had expected. Taco Bell combined one of their classic Chalupas along with a if you can call it that quesadilla. They dubbed it the Quesalupa. Get it Quesadilla+Chalupa and you get...well you get it by now. Promoting it as an item that would be bigger than Tinder, drones, and hover boards.

No, no, and no. Taco Bell this item will not be a bigger success than those items. The Doritos Loco Taco was massive, yes.  But this new Quesalupa doesn't even compare to that.

After all of the hype, I tried the Quesalupa today, and I made sure to eat it fresh.  What it tasted like was a standard Chalupa from Taco Bell with a bottom, soggy (due to the cheese) shell.  No, it wasn't as gooey or cheesy as the commercial shows it. I wasn't even certain cheese went up the side of it.  It seemed to only remain at the bottom.

In short, if you like cheese and your Chalupas from Taco Bell rather soggy, I prefer mine fresh out of the frier personally, you may like this item. Although for the hype and the buzz... good marketing Taco Bell. Poor product.

Instead, why don't we bring back an amazing item from the mid 2000s, like the Grilled Stuft Fajita Burrito. Now that is an item I have missed since my days working at Taco Bell as a teen :)

Have you tried the Quesalupa? Let me know in the comments what your experience was like.  Did you enjoy it? Was it misleading advertisement? Leave comments below!

dumblonde: The Dream Is Never Done

This is a review I wrote back in July 2015 after dumblonde released 5 songs from their debut album, effectively an EP in length, prior to their full length studio album.

After months and months of speculation, teases, and promises, the Alternative Dance/Pop duo Dumblonde (stylized as dumblonde) has finally delivered music.  Now the question, was it worth the wait?  First lets introduce those who may not know who or what exactly Dumblonde is.

Dumblonde consists of two former Danity Kane members, yes the same five piece girl group who began to dismantle on national television in 2008 and eventually broke up; and then reunite in 2013 as a quartet only to breakup yet again in 2014.  A Messy run to say the least!  Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day have come together as Dumblonde to make sure their dream is never done!  This time around Bex and O’Day have complete control over their sound, image, stage show, etc. which is something being on Bad Boy with Danity Kane didn’t allow them.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Single: Iggy Azalea Drops "AZILLION"

Iggy Azalea is finally back with new music! Not quite yet with her new album Digital Distortion though, with her often tweeted, promised buzz single "AZILLION." 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: The Beauty, Madness Behind Fame + Success | The Weeknd

The biggest breakout star from 2015, seemingly new to many, isn’t new at the very least.  Long before The Weeknd was blowing up the charts alongside Ariana Grande (2014’s “Love Me Harder,”) and before assisting the Fifty Shades Of Grey soundtrack with eventual album cut “Earned It,” he was releasing various bodies of music for fans. 2015 just so happens to be the year the mainstream public decided to take notice when The Weeknd released his sophomore album, Beauty Behind The Madness.