Monday, November 16, 2009

Lady Gaga 'The Fame Monster' Album Review

Since blowing up in early 2009 after an extremely slow music scene debut in April of 2008, Lady Gaga has without doubt become more than just Pop music’s current ‘it girl’. With her first two singles “Just Dance” & “Poker Face” becoming worldwide number 1 hit singles and subsequent singles all hitting the Top 10, Gaga definitely helped start the current trend of Electro Pop/Dance music.

Shortly after “Paparazzi” became another Top 10 hit for Gaga, she released “Bad Romance” as the lead single to her new body of music The Fame Monster. Initially thought to be apart of the re-release of her debut The Fame, instead “Bad Romance” marks the first release from Gaga’s first EP (extended play). Gaga’s main collaborator RedOne produced the single that follows a similar sound to “Poker Face.”

Repaying the favor Gaga enlists superstar diva Beyonce, to have guest vocals on their second single together, “Telephone.” Currently the extended version of Beyonce’s “Video Phone,” marks their first single and video of the duo together. The Urban Pop tune features the duo singing about not wanting to be bothered by anyone calling them while they’re are in the club dancing. The only issue is they’re singing about telephones which many have long traded in for cell phones!

Straying away from the albums Electro Pop/Dance sound is the emotionally filled bluesy jazz cut “Speechless.” The song which is one of Gaga’s personal favorites was dedicated to her father whom she’s very close to. Gaga shows her vocals aren’t just suited for up-tempo club tunes as she sings “Could we fix you if you broke?/And is your punch line just a joke/I’ll never talk again/Oh boy you’ve left me speechless.”

More versatility is shown on the Electro Latin Pop tinged “Alejandro.” On the RedOne assisted song Gaga sings of a young love that’s “hot like Mexico,” but has to end because, “her boyfriend’s just like a dad” and she doesn’t want to be bothered. While on “Monster,” Gaga sings of a devilish boyfriend who’s like a monster that eats her heart and then her brain. The song lyrically explores Gaga’s more peculiar side but would still manage to be a great future single.

Overall on The Fame Monster Gaga continues to write great catchy danceable Pop tunes that fans will love and radio will eat up. With artists continuously emulating her style, a second unthought-of duet, and incorporating her now well known style Gaga continues to prove that she’s not just a music industry fad. If you enjoyed any of Gaga’s singles or debut album, The Fame Monster is a must hear.

Definite listeners:
"Telephone" [featuring Beyonce]


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