Thursday, May 28, 2009

HOT MUSIC: "Outta Here" by Esmée Denters

Justin Timberlake definitely found someone to look out for, the YouTube found Dutch artist, Esmée Denters' lead single "Outta Here," is one of the most catchiest songs out now!

Respected producer Polow Da Don produced the track along side Justin Timberlake himself. While the song may seem to follow in the current ElectroPop movement (Lady Gaga, RedOne, and co.) it stands on it's own and assures Denters has chops to pull with some of the best.

I definitely am looking forward to more music from the 20 year old soon to be star, Esmée Denters! Check out the music video to "Outta Here," below!

What do you think of the song/video? Leave Comments below!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol 8: Final 3

When I think of it technically the three finalist from this seasons American Idol could potentially be short lived sensations (in the Music Industry), but I see 1 who sticks out most.

DANNY seems like he appeals more to older audiences, and would be the type to sing ballads, and songs that the younger crowd would get annoyed of again and again (because that is what I see his style being). He really has some Taylor Hicks qualities about him.

KRIS would be the most current, and up to date Pop star of the three, and would definitely be most easiest to market IMO. But the thing is with him, if he doesn't find the right team to back him, he may fall after the show if people forget about him.

ADAM, has been the front runner since what Hollywood? Well either way, when it comes to him, he definitely is the Rock Idol of this year's season, but he adds so much of his Theatrical background into his performances and I could see him do that with an album. He'd be perfect to head a Rock band, but I think over a few albums the public could easily get bored of him, or annoyed of his style.

So, overall I mean, I think the best bet to go with as a winner would have to be Kris, he is the most current, and would blend right in mixing the styles of Jason Mraz, Robin Thicke, John Mayer, etc. (You know artists, who people love currently, no matter race, gender...) Plus he seems to have his own thing going (style wise). Not to mention he seems like the most down to earth out of the three, followed by Adam, I guess. But if Adam is as good as he is (since the judges have said since day 1 almost), does he really need to win the competition to prove that?

Who do you think will win and who do you want to win?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Irv Drops & Disses Ashanti, For Show Promotion

So, recently Irv Gotti head of Murder Inc./The INC. Records, did a pretty revealing news release video with MTV. In the video he stated that he was honestly just going to drop the current biggest bread winner from his label, Ashanti.

To me personally this comes at a very ironic time, about a year ago Irv was giving radio host Wendy Williams mixed singles when she asked if Ashanti and him have ever been together sexually. Seems like promo for his reality show on VH1, Gotti's Way to me. But OK he did an interview, and that is that. But nearly after a year from Ashanti's fourth album release The Declaration which Gotti didn't play a role in as usual, Irv decides to drop her from The INC. The worst part about this, is that he actually has his second season of his reality show about to premier (unless it just recently did). It really comes off as a way for him to promote himself, more than being wise business wise with his label.

If he was upset and not happy with Ashanti's performance or sales of her last record, would she have been dropped 5 months or so after the album was released. To put that in perspective, the album was released in early June 2008. It is now early May 2009 and he decides to release a pretty harsh video and statements on why he is deciding to drop Ashanti.

I guess the funny thing is that Ashanti fans have been wanting her to leave Murder INC. ever since it's trial back in late 2004-early 2005. But Ashanti stayed loyal to her label, and didn't get out of her contract. The video also features Irv Gotti, trying to take credit for being who made Ashanti the star, and able to sell 503,000 copies of her self titled debut album in its first week. Which actually is a record by debuting female R&B artists. Anyways while the situation was definitely handled in the worst way possible, Ashanti has showed the world what she is capable and I see her having no problem finding a new home, that will promote her albums correctly. And for Irv, good luck with trying to jump start Murder INC again, I mean how long has Ja Rules album been pushed back, 3 years by now! I was always a fan of the label but the shady business of Irv could potentially turn me way off from Murder INC., we'll see.

Can A Girl Group Ever Last?

Who would have though after reaching such career heights as setting the record of being the only female group in Billboard history to have their first two albums debut at number 1, two Top 10 singles, and selling out tours, Bad Boy’s Danity Kane wouldn’t be able to avoid disbanding. Created by MTV and Diddy to search for an international superstar female group, the new installment of Making The Band 3 introduced us to many girls vying for the chance to be part of the group in 2004.

After seasons of auditions and broken dreams, Diddy finally picked five girls to fill the part; Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbers, Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, and Wanita “D. Woods” Woodgette. Making The Band viewers easily fell in love with the chosen members through the course of the show and watched them achieve unthought-of success, most television-created bands wouldn’t achieve. Danity Kane’s debut album, Danity Kane, was released in 2006 along with the R&B influenced Top 10 Hot 100 single “Show Stopper.” When it came for the groups second album, in 2008 they released Welcome To The Dollhouse, and earned another Top 10 single with the Dance Pop, club ready “Damaged.”

Things on the outside, as always with girl groups, seemed great; success, fame, and dreams being lived out for the whole world to see. After various things were reported about Danity Kane (involving speculated solo deals, joining other groups, members leaving), in a later season of the show, Diddy took it upon himself to fire two members, Aubrey and D. Woods. Trying to continue the group as a threesome, surprisingly Shannon wasn’t on board for a DK3. Leaving only Aundrea and Dawn to be featured in the current season of Making The Band 4 which just ended; By Diddy releasing Aundrea out of her contract as well as the other three members; keeping only Dawn on the Bad Boy roster.

This brings up the question; will there ever be a girl group who lasts without a lineup change or member going solo? It seems like all of the most popular groups experience line up changes or disbandment. From The Supremes you had Diana Ross who went on to receive solo success. TLC, owned the 90s but came to a halt after Left Eye passed away. In Destiny’s Child you had Beyonce head the group perfectly, to create the perfect solo career. Other instances of girl groups losing members or breaking up include SWV, En Vogue, Spice Girls, Blaque, Dream, and 3LW. It almost appears to be fact, that girl groups successful or not, just don’t last! There are just certain things in groups that cannot be overlooked by members, and this usually results in a party wanting to go solo or being unhappy with how they’re treated.

It’s clear that groups such as Danity Kane create successful careers collectively; and for some members successful solo careers as well. The only thing left to wonder when it comes to your favorite girl groups is, how long will they really last and which member(s) will be going solo in the near future.

Colorado Music: Obscure to Mainstream

It’s odd no one ever really thought of Colorado as being a big market for popular music. A state filled with huge cities including the capital Denver, and Colorado Springs, you’d expect to find tons of blossoming talent. But recently, all that has changed.

Acts have been coming out of Colorado and becoming mainstream artists, since The Fray in 2005. Most recently the Electronic Hip Hop duo, 3OH!3 has become the latest act to hit it big. Their debut single, “Don’t Trust Me,” was available digitally since mid 2008 along with their album Want, and since the course of its release it has become the band’s breakout hit. Thanks to being added to radio in early 2009 and increased sales on iTunes, “Don’t Trust Me,” has managed to currently reach number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and become a platinum certified single. The Boulder, Colorado band’s style introduces infectious electronic beats mixed with captivating yet at times frivolous lyrics. Uniquely, the spelling and name 3OH!3 actually comes from their hometown’s area code, 303, which covers the Denver and Boulder area.

Flotbots, became a part of mainstream music in 2008 along with 3OH!3. The Denver formed Alternative Hip Hop group’s debut single “Handlebars,” became a Top 40 hit reaching, number 37 on the Hot 100 and number 3 on Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks. Flobots released their major label debut album Fight With Tools in Ocotber of 2007. Second single “Rise” peaked at number 33 on Hot Modern Rock Tracks in 2008 as well.

Introduced to the world by producer Timbaland, OneRepublic has quite possibly become one of the biggest acts to come out of Colorado. Started in Colorado Springs by lead singer Ryan Tedder and guitarist Zach Filkins, OneRepublic has went on to have their platinum selling debut single “Apologize,” nearly top the Hot 100, peaking at number 2. The band quickly came to fame primarily thanks to association with Timbaland and eventually released their now platinum selling debut album Dreaming Out Loud in November of 2007. “Stop And Stare,” became their second successful single, and peaked at number 12 on the Hot 100. Since OneRepublic became the well-known group it is today, Tedder has also found time to venture into producing and songwriting for other artists as well; Most commonly known for co-writing Leona Lewis’s number 1 “Bleeding Love,” and Beyonce’s Top 10, “Halo.”

The band, who initially brought Colorado music to mainstream, was undoubtedly The Fray in 2005. The Fray found success by creating commercially friendly Pop Rock tunes, heavily driven by piano. After releasing “Over My Head (Cable Car),” as their first single they became a well respected mainstream band. With their follow-up “How To Save A Life,” they even became more successful with promotion from various television shows including ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy; catapulting their album to double platinum status in return. Returning in late 2008 with their self titled album’s lead single “You Found Me,” they earned an impressive third platinum selling Hot 100 Top 10 hit.

Clearly unthought-of markets are becoming the place to find breakout artists and bands. After seeing such bands earn respect and achieve success from Colorado, it will indeed be interesting to see what will be next to come out of the Rocky Mountain state. Who knows maybe the next biggest act could come out of a little town/city near you!