Saturday, July 4, 2009

Barbadian Exploration: Livvi Franc "Now I'm That Bitch"

So ever since Rihanna came into super stardom, the U.S. has gotten other female variants from her native Barbados. First we had Shontelle, who had mediocre success with her song "T-Shirt" (which actually was a good catchy song to me). Sadly her follow singles "Battle Cry," and "Stuck With Each other" [featuring Akon] which actually sounded like a "Hate That I Love You" knock off (but still good), didn't receive much attention at all.

Next up from Barbados, is Livvi Franc. Who actually writes her own lyrics. Which is a plus to all of the people who always bring up the fact that Rihanna is a Def Jam puppet. Franc's debut single, "Now I'm That Bitch" features Latino Hip Hop star Pitbull, and brings a fierce attitude to men all around the world, as she claims to be 'that bitch;' but in a positive way of course.

I must admit the song is rather catchy, and already has became a U.S. dance hit. The line in the song that I must say makes the song, is not the title, "Now I'm That Bitch," it's when Livvi Franc says, "You were to fly then, so fly away now." Gotta love that line! We'll see what the future holds for this Barbadian artist. Will she become as successful as Rihanna, I doubt it, but who knows she may have a better first round than Shontelle...maybe!

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