Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards 09: Monica Outshines Keyshia Cole (Without Trying)

It was really something when Keyshia Cole and Monica sang their duet live on the 2009 BET Awards. You think since they were performing a sincere ballad that it would have been one of the nights highlight performances. Well it was for one of the two.

I personally think Keyshia Cole was up on stage trying to out-sing Monica. Which is just wrong. Monica has been in this game for so many years, and to her, Keyshia is a baby! Well too bad for Cole because she ended up sounding off, very "screamy" with her vocals; as Monica just glided through her vocals (and was even told in the post show by Foxx and Latifa to put out an album now!). Not to mention what was up with her [Keyshia's] hair-do!

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