Monday, June 29, 2009

BET Awards 09: Monica Outshines Keyshia Cole (Without Trying)

It was really something when Keyshia Cole and Monica sang their duet live on the 2009 BET Awards. You think since they were performing a sincere ballad that it would have been one of the nights highlight performances. Well it was for one of the two.

I personally think Keyshia Cole was up on stage trying to out-sing Monica. Which is just wrong. Monica has been in this game for so many years, and to her, Keyshia is a baby! Well too bad for Cole because she ended up sounding off, very "screamy" with her vocals; as Monica just glided through her vocals (and was even told in the post show by Foxx and Latifa to put out an album now!). Not to mention what was up with her [Keyshia's] hair-do!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

BET Awards 09: Janet Speaks On Michael

Sadly, the best part of the 2009 BET Awards was actually its saddest part! Near the end of the program they've had Janet Jackson come out on behalf of the Jackson family and speak on how the family is coping and showing respect for her brother, Michael. Janet was completely shaken, and you could visibly see the pain she was going through. You could tell how close they were as siblings, and the moment was very touching.

While it was a very sad moment to see Janet like this, it was great to hear from her and hear her respects and strength she is holding for her family, in their time of need. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson, and to his family, you are in many peoples thoughts.

I must admit, as she was first being walked out by Jamie Foxx, I definitely thought she was Diana Ross.

BET Awards 09: Keri Hilson Needs More Stamina

What do you know... Once again Keri Hilson's live performance, just wasn't cutting it. She was sounding like she was out of breath once again. She never truly dances so hard (like Ciara) yet she is always out of breath.

Her performance showed her respect and love for the late Michael Jackson which was nice, but she still shouldn't have been dancing if she couldn't sing throughout it. Work on your stamina Keri!

BET Awards 09: Jamie Foxx's Intro

So Jamie Foxx's intro was pretty much paying respect to Michael Jackson. It wasn't bad, nor anything that special. It would have been nice if he had sung the part of "Beat It" that he danced to. A rather long intro which I'm sure was because of the Michael Jackson's tribute from him.

Hopefully he makes the rest of the show more memorable. I'm already upset by how many times they've bleeped out words he said, cause sometimes it's like, huh what was he saying/did he say.

BET Awards 09: LeToya's Wrong Song Choice

So LeToya recently performed on the 106 & Park Pre-Show to the 2009 BET Awards... And I have no idea why she decided to perform her months old single "Not Anymore." Besides the fact that its old, its a slow song that didn't get the crowd hyped, and will not help her set her album off right. At least she didn't make this mistake on the actual show.

It was just a really bad decision of hers, especially when she has her new uptempo single, "She Ain't Got..." which should have been performed, to help the single at radio and in sales. LeToya...bad move!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remembering The Times : Michael Jackson

Here's a look of Michael Jackson throughout the years

Michael Jackson was truly an icon, and probably the worlds biggest music superstar. May he Rest In Peace. Michael Jackson: 1958-2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop 1958-2009

It is truly sad to lose such an iconic musician today. Michael Jackson who was known to and by many as the King Of Pop, died at age 50: after being rushed to the UCLA hospital after being in cardiac arrest. Jackson did not have a pulse and paramedics couldn't revive him. Jackson was preparing a tour overseas which sold out extremely quick and was set kick off this year and ending by next year.

While over the years many people have taken to Michael Jackson's behavior and ways, over his undeniable talent immense popularity, he will be something the Music Industry will never forget. Artists from all genre's of music have said they've been inspired by him and you can truly see within stars such as Ciara, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, and Omarion, just to name a few.

Michael Jackson helped pave the way for artists of of all races, by his unique performances, stage presence and with help from Quincy Jones, who helped get his music videos played on MTV (at the time MTV was not playing black artists music videos), the first being "Billie Jean."

Below is a link to one of Michael Jackson's memorable music videos, that I for one remember from back when I was younger/in the 90s. Once again, Rest In Peace to Michael Jackson, and the entire Jackson family and everybody who was close to them. With the BET Awards just around the corner (this Sunday) I wonder who all they will get on stage to do a MJ tribute-should be very memorable! R.I.P.

Click Here to view Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time" mini movie music video.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HOT MUSIC: "Radar" by Britney Spears

Ever since Britney Spears released her 5th studio album Blackout in 2007, "Radar" infectiously became a song that was on repeat. It was initially slatted as the album's fourth single, but was eventually scrapped and listed as a promo only single, since Spears had started work on her 6th studio album.

Thanks to Britney adding it as a bonus track on Circus, we finally get to see "Radar" released as an official single. The ElectroPop song, is one of her most catchy songs to date. While many may say the song is overly computer generated it only adds to it's feel, and only makes the song more danceable and catchy.

When it comes to Spears' competition on the charts, I see "Radar" competing with Lady Gaga's "LoveGame," since they both are ElectroPop songs and released around the same time; but "Radar" by far is a way catchier song, and I hope she reaches the tops of the charts with it, because it is a deserving song.

The music video has been filmed but not yet released, so until then listen to "Radar" below.

WHAT DID YOU think of "Radar" LEAVE COMMENTS below!

HOT MUSIC: "She Ain't Got..." by LeToya Luckett

WOW, is all I can say on the production tip. Cory Bold is definitely about to blow up. LeToya may just have found a radio/club hit for herself. It's really nice to hear her trying a new uptempo sound for a single release. "She Ain't Got..." is slated to be the second single from her sophomore album, Lady Love.

"She Ain't Got..." which was retitled from "She Ain't Got Shit On Me," has a perfect club driven beat, mixed with "I know she didn't just say that..." lyrics. You definitely have to hear the, "So swing batta, batta, batta. Right at up, at her, batta."

I'm looking forward to the music video, that's for sure. but in the mean time, check out the audio of the song below.

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