Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who Should The X Factor US Panel Cast?

Seeing as how X Factor US has seen nearly all of the staring panelist/cast fired... The question arises, who should replace Steve Jones as host, and Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger as judges/mentors?  But first, lets take a look at some names that have been floating around who probably should not become a part of the singing competition's panel.

Anybody who currently is experiencing the height of their popularity, should all be ruled out.  There is no need to risk joining the show and stopping your current streak.  So that takes out artists like Katy Perry (who although would be a great judge-she's currently way too successful), Rihanna (way too young to be tied down to a show that could affect her top of the pops standing), and even Beyonce (though her music career is sagging, she is still in her prime). Now for those who'd make great X Factor Judges!

So with that being said there are three people who I think could fit these roles perfectly.  Each of them have experienced a great amount of success in their own right, have strong personalities, and could potentially attract their personal fan bases to watch X Factor US.

First on my list is no one other than the legend, icon, Janet Jackson.  Why not.  As many have argued Janet's career hasn't been where it should be since her album All For You was released back in 2001.  Joining the show will undoubtedly bring many Jackson fans to watch the show PLUS it could be just what Janet needs to restart Janet's already super successful music career.  Lets face it, what else has Janet been doing lately besides her recent Number Ones Tour?

Second up on my list is an entertainer who has seen the ups and downs of the entertainment industry since the 1980s.  No one other than Fergie Ferg herself.  Fergie has experienced what its like to be in two totally different groups, so she would be able to offer great advice and experience to potential groups on the show.  In addition to her group experience Fergie became a breakout solo star back in 2006 when her solo debut album, The Dutchess, was released and spawned three number 1 singles (a total of five Top 5 hits) on the Billboard Hot 100.  Having already held down hosting duties as a part of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve special for the past years, Fergie has proved she has the personality and chart records perfect for the job.  More recently Fergie has said she'd like to settle down during the Black Eyed Peas current hiatus to be with her husband Josh Duhamel (maybe she should have a baby!?), so what other way would this give her the time to do that but also allow her to stay relevant.  Not to mention the perfect time where she can duck in and out of studios to possibly work on that followup album so many fans have been asking for since The Dutchess era ended in 2008!

Last but certainly not least on my list, P!nk.  Not only has P!nk has been around the Pop music scene since 2000, but she already has a personal connection to another judge: L.A. Reid.  Reid was the person who actually played a crucial role in bringing P!nk to the pack of the Pop fore front female artists, where she remians today.  But remember also, prior to P!nk's successful Pop Rock career, she made an R&B album, Can't Take Me Home, which fans still love to this day and was a part of an R&B group, Choice.  Giving her even more credibility as a versatile judge.  Also for anybody who knows P!nk and her personality, they know how she will not take any nonsense from any fellow judge may it be L.A. Reid or smart remarks from Simon -which would make for some pretty interesting television!  Only issue is, would P!nk really joining a show like X Factor US?  Especially after Chirstina Aguilera has joined The Voice, would P!nk do anything in the vein of Aguilera?  Lets hope she'll make an exception for X Factor US, because she could really make it way more interesting and boost her career!  Plus this could give her the chance to settle down for a while with Carey Hart and her baby Willow Sage, while still remaining relevant and able to release music at her own pace or simply just stay in the public's eye during her down time.

As for the perfect host?  There have been rumors that Simon Cowel wants Ryan Seacrest. And I really hope Ryan does not jump ship from American Idol over to X Factor US.  If or whenever he is done with American Idol, he needs to give up hosting music reality show competitions.  He already practically owns the E! network!  Yes he obviously could be a great host on X Factor, hell who wouldn't be better than Steve Jones... but the move would be in bad taste.  Whether this current season of American Idol is the final season or not, Ryan please stay away from X Factor US.

People have hinted at former TRL VJs being a potential host.  I kind of like that idea.  I mean after all Damien Fahey and Vanessa Minnillo Lachey really came into their own while hosting TRL.  I really do like that idea.  Hell after years on TRL, even the beginning awkward around celeb stages, there's no way they could be more stiff or bland than Steve Jones!  But who knows maybe X Factor will snatch up a current radio personality like JoJo Wright from KIIS FM [the same station which is home to Seacrest] to be their next breakout host.

Who do you think would make great replacements on the X Factor US?  LEAVE COMMENTS below!

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