Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Music [Well Sort Of]: Enrique Iglesias & Jennifer Lopez "Mouth2Mouth"

After his re-emergence to the Pop music scene back in 2010 thanks to hits featuring Pitbull ["I Like It"] and Ludacris ["Tonight (I'm Fuckin' You)"] who else could Enrique Iglesias have worked with to continue his string of perfectly crafted Pop hits?  No one else but the queen of Latin Dance Pop music, Jennifer Lopez, is who! Check out their somewhat new* song "Mouth2Mouth" below!

*Although the song is not new under my terms of new music, it still is a great song that deserves a release.  Sadly it was reported in Fall 2011 that Enrique was upset by the songs leak and decided to not released the song anymore.  Which is a shame because the pairing is a match made in heaven, and the song is a masterpiece even in its leaked form.  One can only imagine what a music video for "Mouth2Mouth" would have been like!

Who knows though, maybe plans were put on hold due to the fact that Enrique's lead single, "I Like How It Feels" [featuring Pitbull, again!] for his then thought to be re-release of Euphoria, tanked.  So since plans for the re-release have been scrapped maybe this song will be featured on a possible 2012 album by Enrique Iglesias instead, and even better receive the single treatment!

P.S. Isn't that fan made single cover (above) perfect for the song/title?  Of course if used, obviously feature Enrique, and not have "his" face cut off in the official shot!

What do you think of "Mouth2Mouth" ? Leave comments below!

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