Friday, September 26, 2014

REVIEW: Danity Kane 'DK3' Snippets & Review

Danity Kane DK3 Album Snippets

Finally after the drama which the world saw after the DK4 reunion back in 2013 which was officially confirmed at the 2013 MTV VMA's, a lot has happened to girl group Danity Kane.

They  have been in the studio recording music for their anticipated 3rd studio LP.  They went on a tour across the United States.  During the tour is when things began to take a torn for the worst.  First Aundrea Fimbres announced she was not going to continue on with Danity Kane because she wanted to start a family.  Next Danity Kane released a comeback single "Lemonade" featuring Tyga, which had great initial buzz but fizzled off after a video and promo didn't help push the potential Urban summer hit.  Following the tour in early August an altercation broke out in a studio/meeting session when Dawn Richard allegedly punched Aubrey O'Day unprovoked in the back of her head.  Then once again Danity Kane AKA DK3, officially broke up.

Fans were left in awe at the girls for continuously promoting sisterhood, women respect, ladies coming together,  and overall love for eachother only to let an argument turn physical and ruin the business the three ladies worked so hard to create once again.

Out of nowhere Aubrey and Shannon Bex released a video on Instagram confirmed since the fans never gave up they didn't either and that an album would be released for the fans as a gift.  Which is a bit odd, because its a gift in which fans will have to pay for.  Oxymoron.

Well, here is my review of the tracks from the snippets

1) "Rhythm Of Love"
I do like this track just as much live as I do on the studio version.  I like how EDM/Dance it is :) It could have a SICK EDM producer remix going in deeper! Hook leaves the song slightly disjointed and could use a bigger beat drop.     4.5/5

2) "Lemonade" [featuring Tyga]
This could have been a hot lead single, summer hit, and music video had the timing all have been on point and some live TV performances. Could have been a Top 40 come back *sigh*     3.5/5

3) "All In A Day's Work"
I like the energy of this song.  It has a super edgy Urban/Rock feel to it.  But yes this song live, has more of the punch!  Still good, catchy.    4/5

4) "Rage"
I have not been a fan of this song since its live renditions.  I feel like it should have more of an anthemic feel (which seems sort of missing), the chorus almost has it but for me it falls a bit short.  Too quiet maybe?  With a title like this, more hype is needed IMO.  I guess the fact its basically a Rock power ballad is definitely an interesting tidbit!  Something new for them.  I do like the bridge.     2.5/5

5) "Tell Me"
I love how gritty parts of this sounds musically.  Sounds super late 90s/early 00s Hip Hop.  And then I like that darkness compared with Shannon's soft vocals.  Definitely an Urban Pop jam!  With a sexy feel.    4.5/5

6) "Two Sides"
I like how stripped this song feels, almost like a live showcase performance with small acoustic band.  Ironic title and theme knowing their 2nd breakup :o  Another track that shows how versatile they are as a group.     3.75/5

7) "Secret Lover"
This song has a very throwback meets modern vibe.  Parts disco, parts Dance, parts Soul.  Not a bad song.     2.5/5  

8) "Roulette"
Intro to snippet gives me an 80s Dance feel to this song.  Almost like a workout video or commercial.  Then the beat changes completely!  A bit messy of a song.     1.5/5

9) "Pieces"
This might be the most melodic song IMO on this album.  Oh my, it seems like it could be written about the band breaking up again and not trusting each other, too!  Dawn singing on the verse reminds me of Aaliyah's flow on "I Don't Wanna Be."  Does this song sample it IDK?  Def a standout.     5/5

10) "Bye Baby"
I really liked Aundrea as lead on this song/verse 1.  Sounded like Shannon took her place.  Not that the other girls can't hold it, but Aundrea's crisp clear vocals were a DK standout.  Song has a Funk/Soul/R&B/Pop sound in the vein of Pharrell's latest 2013-2014 music.     4/5

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