Friday, November 20, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Hello: Adele Storms Back With Much Anticipated 3rd Album, '25'

Hello. Its Me. Choice words echoed by Adele on her aptly titled 2015 comeback single “Hello.” Released nearly 5 years since Adele's last studio album 21, the world said hello back!  To no surprise, the haunting lead single “Hello” shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, and quickly became another Adele classic, joining the likes of #1s “Rolling In The Deep,” and “Set Fire To The Rain.”  Already off to an extraordinary start, would 25 join the ranks of prior albums 19 and 21?

Experimenting with different musical sounds this time Adele even tackles more contemporary Pop.  Playful, radio ready “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” was produced by super hit making producer Max Martin (Britney Spears, Taylor Swift). The bubbly tune speaks about forgiving a past lover after finding strength to move on and wish them well.

“Water Under The Bridge” finds Adele in a groovy mid tempo range.  Imagine being at a gospel church and this and this is the perfect song you’d want to hear or sing each and every week!  “Bridge” marks another album cut that could be a perfect fit for a future single from 25.

The standard edition closer “Sweetest Devotion,” is the perfect resolution for the album.  The musically diverse song is built like a Soulful, Bluesy Rock, power ballad perfect for showcasing Adele’s range, vocals and closing out the album on one of its highest notes A must listen!

We get to hear Adele reminisce about being young on one of the album standout cuts “When We Were Young.”  Adele croons “Let me photograph you in this light/In case it is the last time/That we might be exactly like we were,” a sentiment anybody who has ever saved a memory can recall.  Perhaps even a 2016 graduation tune favorite.

We get to experience the same Adele we knew and loved from mega hits such as “Someone Life You,” again as well on 25.  Piano ballad “Remedy” will still pull at your emotions, while musically lending a hand to a person in need and becoming their personal remedy.

Super fans of Adele might enjoy album tracks like “I Miss You,” which  musically almost has a Florence & The Machine quality to it or the Bruno Mars cowritten/produced “All I Ask.” Although, they almost are too dreary and a bit out of place for the rest of the albums more or less positive tone.

Collectively 25 was quite the nice surprise from the Adele we have come to know.  The album was a much desired departure from the usual piano based ballads and super sad misery love songs that Adele has mastered over the years. Yes we love “Turning Tables” and “Chasing Pavements,” but its really nice to hear a more joyful Adele too (“Send My Love” “Sweetest Devotion”).  With Adele expected to open with sales easily greater than 1.5 million in its first U.S. week alone (3.6 million albums have been shipped to stores for first week U.S. sales), its clear to say that we will be hearing from Adele’s new body of work all throughout 2016. Certainly even well throughout the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in 2017. You know Adele is certain to pick up a couple of awards for 25.

Must Hear Tracks:
"Sweetest Devotion"
"Water Under The Bridge"
"When We Were Young"

Tracks To Skip:
"I Miss You"
"All I Ask"

Album In Stores: Today, Friday, November 20th, 2015

Album Rating: A-

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