Wednesday, February 10, 2016

dumblonde: The Dream Is Never Done

This is a review I wrote back in July 2015 after dumblonde released 5 songs from their debut album, effectively an EP in length, prior to their full length studio album.

After months and months of speculation, teases, and promises, the Alternative Dance/Pop duo Dumblonde (stylized as dumblonde) has finally delivered music.  Now the question, was it worth the wait?  First lets introduce those who may not know who or what exactly Dumblonde is.

Dumblonde consists of two former Danity Kane members, yes the same five piece girl group who began to dismantle on national television in 2008 and eventually broke up; and then reunite in 2013 as a quartet only to breakup yet again in 2014.  A Messy run to say the least!  Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day have come together as Dumblonde to make sure their dream is never done!  This time around Bex and O’Day have complete control over their sound, image, stage show, etc. which is something being on Bad Boy with Danity Kane didn’t allow them.

Months back in April they promised an EP to be released at any given moment following their private Los Angeles listening party, only for this to never come into fruition.  Months went on and absolutely no music or content was heard or released aside from the occasional rare Instagram posts and tweets here and there.

This all came to a halt suddenly following their New York listening party as music was promised, finally receiving a release date, July 17th.  5 tracks from their debut album were released as instant gratification tracks via iTunes upon pre-order.  Quickly after the album rose to the top position on the iTunes Top 200 Dance albums strictly based on pre-orders alone!  Not to mention on the overall all-genre inclusive iTunes Top 200 albums chart, saw the album reach the Top 10 (number 10).

Although O’Day has stated countless times that there will not be a lead single due to music being released all at once, “White Lightning” is basically the lead single.  The black and white official music video that was uploaded to Dumblonde’s official VEVO music page is a visual trip with tons of edited frames and shots to appear dark, moody, and artistic. The breathy dance number features an infectious beat with a drop perfect to nod your head or vibe to.

We get to hear retro throwback influences on the bubbly “Eyes On Horizon,” while “Tender Green Life” is a sexualized groovy cut with a thumping melody that speaks about exploring love and life, while being the perfect song to bump while cruising down the boulevard.
Dumblonde wasn’t lying when they said they were an Alternative Dance/Pop duo, emphasis on alternative.  The ladies even tackle a Reggae infused tune on the laid back “Remember Me,” just in time for the summertime playlists.

Probably most in the vein of prior Danity Kane music (more specifically their sophomore album, Welcome To The Dollhouse) to date would be “Dreamsicle.”  The positive YOLO track features Dumblonde reminding listeners that the dream is never done, and to keep pushing forward with life and goals.  Likely having a double meaning for their dreams within the music industry since their early MTV Making The Band days to present day.

Was the wait worth it?  If you’re a fan of the idea which was Danity Kane, Pop/Dance music, or girl groups in general, this may be the album for you.  With five tracks already released (essentially an EP), fans certainly do get a taste of what Dumblonde has been cooking up in the studio alongside their creative team including producer/songwriters r8dio, Dem Jointz, and Candice Pillay.  Having filmed over 5 music videos already, rehearsing a show for a tour, and at least six additional songs expected to be on the full length album due on September 25th, Dumblonde fans can finally rejoice.  Coined the Blonde Mafia, fans have a lot to look forward to in the remaining months of 2015 and possibly 2016 onward from Dumblonde until they say their dream is done.

5 Tracks Rating:  85 / 100

Since its release in full I recommend listening to "You Got Me," an album standout!

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