Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This is NOT Going To Be Bigger Than... Taco Bell! | Quesalupa Review

Note: It doesn't look anything like that, shell/cheese wise.

Recently Taco Bell began promoting about their top secret new promotional item. Well it was revealed and it was what everybody had expected. Taco Bell combined one of their classic Chalupas along with a if you can call it that quesadilla. They dubbed it the Quesalupa. Get it Quesadilla+Chalupa and you get...well you get it by now. Promoting it as an item that would be bigger than Tinder, drones, and hover boards.

No, no, and no. Taco Bell this item will not be a bigger success than those items. The Doritos Loco Taco was massive, yes.  But this new Quesalupa doesn't even compare to that.

After all of the hype, I tried the Quesalupa today, and I made sure to eat it fresh.  What it tasted like was a standard Chalupa from Taco Bell with a bottom, soggy (due to the cheese) shell.  No, it wasn't as gooey or cheesy as the commercial shows it. I wasn't even certain cheese went up the side of it.  It seemed to only remain at the bottom.

In short, if you like cheese and your Chalupas from Taco Bell rather soggy, I prefer mine fresh out of the frier personally, you may like this item. Although for the hype and the buzz... good marketing Taco Bell. Poor product.

Instead, why don't we bring back an amazing item from the mid 2000s, like the Grilled Stuft Fajita Burrito. Now that is an item I have missed since my days working at Taco Bell as a teen :)

Have you tried the Quesalupa? Let me know in the comments what your experience was like.  Did you enjoy it? Was it misleading advertisement? Leave comments below!

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