Sunday, April 10, 2016

Single Review: J.Lo Empowers Ladies on "Ain't Your Mama"

Fans were elated when it was announced Jennifer Lopez was returning to her Urban music roots for her 2014 album A.K.A. Sadly the album wasn’t as successful or notable in comparison to early J.Lo music.

Cue 2016, “Ain’t Your Mama,” is that sound and style A.K.A. perhaps was missing. The Meghan Trainor cowritten jam is an uptempo R&B tune, thats super sassy, and has a catchy club ready beat courtesy of Dr. Luke.

Lopez isn’t satisfied with her lover becoming her third child as she sings “No more playing video games/things are about to change…/Lucky to have these curves/stop getting on my nerves.” It’s clear Emme and Max—her adorable eight year old twins—are the only ones who will get Jennifer Lopez to report for Mama duty.
Will J.Lo heat up the summer with her empowering, take no nonsense jam “Ain’t Your Mama?” Remember Miss Lopez did just that when “On The Floor” ruled summer 2011. If her dance heavy, multiple wardrobe changes performance on the American Idol Farewell finalewhere the audience was literally transported to her Las Vegas residencyhas anything to say for it, the answer is quite possibly!

Rating: B +
If you are feeling the recent women empowerment vibe on Meghan Trainor's recent single "No," you might just love this Trainor penned jam too.

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