Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bottom 8 (4-8) WANT Predictions on Amer.Idol

I suppose the bottom contestants of the top 8, of American Idol 7, in order to me should be (yes this is an order of how much I like these 4 contestants basically):

5. Jason Castro
6. Michael Johns
7. Syesha Mercado
8. Kristy Lee Cook

I really like Jason Castro's simplicity and musical style. Although vocally his voice is the weakest out of maybe all of the contestants, except I'm not sure how strong Kristy's is, so I guess he has her beat! I wouldn't mind him going even further in the competition but I think saying Top 5 for him, may be a bit past his range (no pun intended)! Michael may easily take over the 5th position. Then who knows really. Kristy and Syesha (Kristy more) have had a ton of bottom 3 appearances. VFTW may really be having a pull over her stay. because Kristy should have been gone at 12, shoot 16! Asia'h was way better than her. Regardless yes that is where I believe the contest should be heading, of course if I had my way! Poor Ramiele, I wanted her to be a part of Mariah Carey week : ( -though her song choice wasn't good, seriously, the only song I think fit her well, was "Alone." And the judges (Simon) Didn't even like that much!

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