Saturday, April 5, 2008

Top 4 (1-4) Predictions on Amer.Idol

So I am making my prediction for the Top contestants of Amer.Idol 7. In order I think it will be:

1. David Cook
2. David Archuleta
3. / 4. Brooke White OR Carly Smithson*

1st off I said this before the season started, I believed that a male contestant would win this season. I think David C. will win because he has the most unique talent this year out of all of the guys. Plus there hasn't been a rock (genre) winner yet. But there has been a pop rock, gospel, R&B, country, soul, and pop winner. It just would fit perfectly, if you ask me. I think in a winner sense he may deserve it more so than David A., he's been doing so well, yes because he has a great voice, but also because he is this seasons "popular vote." If David A. becomes a runner up he still will become widely famous, popularly likely too. Though a mexican-american hasn't won yet. Hmmm... Makes you think! I really have liked Brooke since day 1 when I saw her, and I'd love for her to win, but again, it's a male winner year. Her style is unique, pure, and she'd be a great role model. I am putting Carly up there with her, since she has been named the best vocalist female wise sine what the top 50, 24... i mean she's good, but to me she really had her chance before. I really would be mad if she won, but again it's a male winner year.

* I am sort of torn between Brooke and Carly when it comes to the top 4, I want Brooke to place 3rd, because I like her style more than Carly's. That is why it has the slash between the two names above.

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