Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Amer.Idol Top 10 -> 9 | Songwriter's Contest

So I really could care less about who gets voted off for American Idol anymore. I think it was messed up that ppl behind the scenes of Amer.Idol kicked off Amanda Overmyer, because she would be the most unique/different from the tour. I don't believe that she was truly voted off last week from merely America's votes. That's a load of BS. Kristy Lee Cook should have been off last week, but since she is more tour friendly they decided to keep her... That's truly what I think went down. So yeah whoever gets off gets off. I mean I'll still watch but not into it as much anymore. Though I am entering the song writing contest, and I think [ironically] David A. would do a great job of singing the song I wrote... Hmmm! I don't know, maybe Brook or Carly as well could sing it. Don't know how it would sound with a rock vibe(David C.) but wouldn't mind him winning. Hope I win (the AI Songwriter's contest)!

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