Thursday, October 9, 2008

Keri Hilson almost had a banger!

So I must say, I thought Keri Hilson made a great Pop song along with Timbaland, “Return The Favor.” But I come to find out that the official or album version of the song completely changes the chorus into a different less catchy chorus. The boring album version features Keri saying “hey” over and over, while Timbaland responds, “I’ll Return The Favor.” Yes it really is that annoying and lame!

So, it’s still is a good song, but sadly enough I’d prefer to illegally download the demo version rather than the album version. Also the album version, which is currently featured on online sites has a really long, no lyrics outro. Also boring.

All together Keri really should have gone with the demo version, but I am wondering if she didn’t cause the lyrics may have been “too dirty.” It said things like “Love me and I’ll love you back…”

Pretty much this is the “Promiscuous,” of 2008, by Keri & Timbo rather than Nelly Furtado.

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