Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 Artists Amaze 2 songs in the Hot 100's Top 10

So this week something pretty amazing has happened in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. 4 artists each have two songs in the Top 10, and luckily none of the artist include T-Pain. Beyonce gains her number 1 spot back from T.I. with "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)." And her second showing in the Top 10 is at number 9 with "If I Were A Boy," which has peaked at number 3 so far.

T.I. falls from the top spot to number 2 with "Live Your Life," featuring Rihanna. With the impressive feat, still managing two Top 5 singles at the same time with "Whatever You Like," currently at number 5; and became his first lead artist number 1.

Next up Britney Spears continues to ride off the success of her first Top 10 debut (number 3) with "Circus," remaining in the Top 5 this week at number 4. Her second number 1 Hot 100 single, "Womanizer," rises up the charts from last weeks number 10, to this weeks number 6; In it's 11th week of charting.

Last to conquer this collective feat is Kanye West whose "Heartless," sits at number 7 this week, and "Love Lockdown," at number 10. "Heartless," has peaked at number 4, while "Love Lockdown," has peaked at it's debut position number 3.

Filling in the voids, in this weeks ironic 2-showings per artist Top 10, is Lady GaGa's "Just Dance," [featuring Colby O'Donis] at number 3; And Katy Perry's second Top 5 single, "Hot N Cold" at number 8 this week. Rihanna and Colby O'Donis are the only features on tracks this week in the Top 10 of The Billboard Hot 100 as well.

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  1. Ok! Beyonce is a great singer, but I don't like that "Single Ladies" song. It makes a good point but it could have been put together a little different.