Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ciara's Album Dilemma

“Go Girl,” from the start WAS expected to be the first single for Ciara’s Fantasy Ride, there’s no denying that. All artists’ singles which are made into videos were intended singles; whether they become hot or not. Otherwise record labels would just solicit them to radio, and not create an expensive music video for it. Just like how Keri Hilson’s people are trying to say that “Return The Favor,” [which I really like the demo version of…] wasn’t the album’s second single. Saying “Turnin’ Me On,” now is. Nope to me if the label goes as far as dropping tons of money for a video, especially as they did for “Go Girl,” it was intended as a single.

I am not looking toward Ciara’s album. I bought The Evolution: of Ciara and it wasn’t a bad CD at all, but she just doesn’t have the same buzz that she used to. I didn’t even like “High Price,” that opera style singing was trash, doesn’t have the voice to make something like that cool AT ALL! Maybe it’s the age that is turning me away from her music. Kinda like the Crunk style worked better when she was 19, rather than, what isn’t she 23 now. So the only way for Ciara to engage me again in her music is for her to release a bangin’ NEW (2nd) single from the album. And please don’t try to come with some “Promise,” wannabe type of single, highly doubt that will work again.

Sadly I still to this day have not seen the entire video of Ciara’s single, “Go Girl.” Probably since the fact of her and T-Pain on a song should have been a Crunk to the 10th level type of song, and it definitely is not, Disappointment! And the other sad thing about it was the other collaboration they did for T-Pain’s album Thr33 Ringz wasn’t a high energy track either. But I must admit, “Blowing Up,” was better!

Also, for Ciara to try to make up a alter ego named Super C [which did seem like a competition with Sasha Fierce] is extraordinarily lame, like c'mon there were better names than that. Somebody had said it sounded like a Gas Station, and they were right (LMAO!)

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  1. I couldn't agree more her career is fading fast.