Monday, July 4, 2011

Beyonce '4' Album Review

This past Tuesday saw the release of Beyonce's fourth studio album, aptly titled 4, a number near and dear to Beyonce's heart (birthday, wedding date, etc). The album was preceded by the first two singles, the heavily sampled ("Pon De Floor") track, "Run The World (Girls)" and "Best Thing I Never Had," which sounded as if it were an "Irreplaceable" Part II, minus Ne-Yo in exchange for Babyface. Both singles failed to generate the standard buzz Beyonce is known to bring come album release/buzz period. Still Columbia Records continued with the original scheduled release date of June 28th, 2011.

Overall the album is filled with too many ballads and mid-tempo songs, which isn't what you'd expect from Beyonce. Especially given the album's near suggestive cover, and the albums club ready lead single. Earlier reports were made and stated the album would have more of an experimental, undefinable genre wise sound. It's safe to say this album misses that mark completely! Not one song from this album really has a sound that forces Beyonce out of her comfort zone to a strong degree.

Not to mention with a summer release date, and the name Beyonce fronting the project... you tend to want a good deal of music that is summer ready-danceable, catchy tunes. Well, one thing is for sure, Beyonce did try to go against the grain and release an album, outside of the heavily exploited Dance Pop/Electronic/Electro Pop genre which radio is currently eating up--maybe that's why her singles haven't been quick radio successes (as past Beyonce singles have)! PLEASE COMMENT below, I'd love to hear what you think about Beyonce's new album even if you do not agree with me!

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