Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Tune: "My Moment"

She strikes again!  And not just as a cameo feature in a music video [see Katy Perry's epic "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" video]!  The now 14 year old Rebecca Black is back once again with a new song, called "My Moment."  Black sent the YouTube world ablaze with her viral video "Friday" which has since been pulled from YouTube due to copyright issues after reaching over 165 million views.  Have no fear she is back with a new song, where she is ready to tell the world it is her moment, and she's ready to grab it.  Check out the video below!

Hmmm, what can you say after that?  Well it is definitely not as fun, fun, fun, fun as its predecessor.  Black either is trying to prove her haters wrong by releasing a song that is supposed to be better than "Friday," but actually isn't or continuing to release a very mediocre song and video, in hopes of it achieving even more YouTube hits (now that she is likely a YouTube Partner = getting paid from YouTube), and iTunes downloads .  I'll stick with "Friday," as horrible as it was, at least that was catchy!
What did you think of "My Moment," comment below!

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