Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Announcement Monday

Jennifer Lopez is set to hit NBC's The Today Show, this Monday to make an announcement with iHeartRadio.  Hmmm, seems like the announcement would be in regards to her plans for 2012, right? (Lets hope the announcement isn't something minor in relation to iHeart Radio!)  Which most likely would be rejoining Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler on the 11th season judging panel of American Idol, or who knows, maybe a tour?  Well we will have to wait and see on Monday.  Although with NBC's The Voice becoming such a big hit, wouldn't it make an announcement in regards to Idol, whether staying on or leaving, seem kind of out of place?
Well, in other Jennifer Lopez news, while Lopez was on HSN to promote her new fragrance, it was announced that the Latin tinged dance tune "Papi" will serve as the official third single for her new album Love?.  Also with the possibility of a dual fourth single being released at the same time.  Bring us a super hot video for "Papi," Jen!  What do you think JLo's official announcement will be?  Are you feeling "Papi" as a single?  Drop a comment below!


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