Monday, January 28, 2008

1st Episode of MTB4-Season 2

So after tonight's episode of Making The Band 4, which I still don't understand why it's MTB 4, because it should be 5 or at least explicitly known as MTB4-SEASON 2... because to me that's a diss to D.K. They showed Danity Kane, 826 Boys (I guess that's the DUMB name the guys all came up with) and Donnie J having some fun and trying to create some hits in the studio. Danity Kane worked on a song called, "Is Anybody Listening," which I really did like. Donnie was working on a song called, "I Don't Care," which would have to have been my second favorite of the night. But as for the guys, or should I say 826 Boys working on, "Co-Star," I wasn't really liking it. I mean it has a catchy title, and all, and I sure it could be a great song, but it came off as one of those songs that has to grow on you.

The 1st singles from both groups, [Danity Kane] "Damaged," and [826 Boys] "Got It Going" are supposed to be released tomorrow to online music sites, such as iTunes. No news on Donnie's 1st single yet.

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