Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm TIRED of this...

I truly am getting more and more upset how people keep trying to put Britney Spears' every move in the latest magazines and online sites. I mean come on, people need their privacy. And I know people are going to say, "Well she chose to be in that specific industry," and/or "She shouldn't be acting up in public," but I mean like real people never have slip ups in public anymore? Or is it that we all who tend to keep looking at all of what she does think we are better than her.

I mean I do not know, I just know it must be hard for somebody to not be able to do ANYTHING without having a photo snapped. OK she's crying, well I'm sure a ton of people wouldn't be in their 100% grand mind set after a long awaited custody battle, where it seems as if the ex/father in the case just seems to be doing so primarily for money for himself. And being away from their two young kids.

I mean it's just really sad hearing people saying things like, Britney is fading away, the AP prepared Britney's obituary, Britney is crazy/on drugs/is bi-polar. I mean it'd be one thing to say this if it was true, but if it's not, just because you snapped a picture of someone who looks so, doesn't mean you say that.

And I found it completely rude how the AP released information how they had her obit prepared, because "if she died it'd be one of the biggest stories, in a while." WHAT IS THAT, seriously. How would anybody feel if they heard that their sister, mother, daughter, etc. was basically on a death watch by the media. Crazy if you ask me.

I suppose I could go on regarding this subject, but I will stop here because I think the readers get my point. Everybody needs some alone time. And people should start treating others as they want to be, as humans.

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