Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wendy Williams is a total .....

OK, I've just about had it up to my limit with Wendy Williams. She's too rude, and blunt and I'm sick of it. I don't care if she is a "shock jock," either. I mean it's odd how a bigger[and I mean weight, when I say that] version of RuPaul, thinks she's hot..... I mean she talks down to so many people, and they are afraid to even say things back to her. And that's after they come on her show. Plus her co-host Charlamagne, acts like a little..... and seems like a follower as well, and that's sad.

I mean don't get me wrong she can be funny, I admit. but there's a way to be funny, and not be blatantly rude. What made me mention her is because I recently read some of her predictions for 2008, in Hip Hop weekly, and one regarding Britney Spears, caught my eye. 1st off I don't know when Britney became hip hop news, 2nd what she said was uncalled for. But Wendy will talk her mess until who knows when, so I guess do you.

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