Sunday, November 30, 2008

Competition: PussyCat Dolls vs Beyopnce | "Halo"

So ironically the PussyCat Dolls and Beyonce, they both have songs on their 2008 albums entitled “Halo.” While the PussyCat Dolls “Halo,” featured a mid tempo Timbaland produced beat, Beyonce’s version more of a ballad and was written by OneRepublic’s lead singer Ryan Tedder and was intended for Leona Lewis (who also wrote Leona Lewis’ number 1 single “Bleeding Love”).

I actually think this is one PussyCat Dolls song which really suits Nicole Scherzinger well. The way it’s sung, I don’t think would be as good if a different Doll shared lead vocals. That being said it would be nice to hear them take the lead on some songs released as singles. I think this song could actually be a hit for them, and should have been released over “Whatcha Think About That.” I think PCD really released that song in hopes of it doing better than Danity Kane’s “Bad Girl,” since they both featured Missy Elliott.

“Halo,” is scheduled to be one of Beyonce’s next singles off of her I Am… Sasha Fierce album. I expect the song to reach the tops of the charts especially since the Beyonce craze has started and the fact that Ryan Tedder had a number 1 single with Leona Lewis helps too.

I am enjoying both of the songs, and the question does not have to come down to Beyonce vs. Nicole Scherzinger at all. I am just curious to see what people think of the songs overall.



  1. love pusycat dolls's version better i just cant stop listening to it. well done girls love u Nicole

  2. i agree i like pcd version. beyonce is just so much noise