Saturday, November 8, 2008

"...Never Say Bye Bye," or should we?

Wow, Mariah Carey left me in shock, after this performance. Like what in the world; how do you go from being one of the greatest singers from the 90s to something like this vocal performance? From the first lyrics it seemed off. People have been mentioning Carey’s vocals deteriorating and being worse lately, but I never really thought much of it, until hearing this rendition of “Hero.” Really sad for a singer who solely performs with her voice (She doesn’t dance, and hardly works the stage).

After hearing Mariah Carey basically butcher her own song, “Hero,” I really would love so hear her sing her 2005 smash hit, “We Belong Together,” and attempt to hit that last note which she used to be able to hit live and hold for what seemed like an eternity. After this I highly doubt she could even come close to her old performances of “We Belong Together.

Who knew 3 years (2006-2008) could make such a difference.

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