Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hurry Up, Ashanti! New Single Necessary!

So I really think it’s about time that Ashanti release another single off of The Declaration soon. Since she didn’t try to revamp the airplay success of “Good Good,” with a remix, a third single is in order to keep people onto her current album. My personal favorite track from the album by far has got to be “In These Streets.” This could make a good single cause it is catchy mid-tempo song; not to fast or slow.

Though there has been rumors that the choice was once said to be the breakup ridden “So Over You.” And even more recently between “Struggle,” the we’re meant for each other-let’s work things out song and “You’re Gonna Miss,” a positive you’ll never find anyone better song.

While “Struggle,” has been a fan favorite since the albums release in June; the best option for Ashanti in my eyes, would be to release two singles. One aired to R&B radio formats and the other toward Pop formats. This would work out great if Ashanti is deciding between “Struggle,” & “You’re Gonna Miss,” since “Struggle,” would easily suit R&B formats well and “You’re Gonna Miss,” has a Pop vibe to it, perfect for Pop Stations. Not to mention a double video, “Struggle/You’re Gonna Miss” would be a good look for Ashanti as well, something new!

Whatever the single choice is, let’s hurry up and get a single out Ashanti, before people forget how great The Declaration, actually is.

What do you think about "In These Streets," as a single?

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  1. yea i just got to thinkin bout her second cd i forgot the name . . . but the song rock wit u or whatever. . . i wish i had that cd too cuz then i wud be jammin. . .i did have it at one point. . . i guess thats the good part bout mp3 cuz then u could store it forever and not worry bout it being all scratched and played up