Sunday, January 11, 2009

Artists On The Come Up: Asher Roth

With a year full of new artists in our past, 2009 brings for another group of new artists. One who seems to be making a name already for himself is Asher Roth. Roth proves that he can flow on some of Hip Hop's most popular beats, and even on a tracks of his own.

On Roth's freestyle to Lil' Wayne's "A Milli." he speaks out on current issues affecting people. He raps about everything from donating to charity, impoverished people, and gas prices. Roth even throws in a punch at Bush by comparing his actions toward Clinton.

"I Love College," features Roth going back to his past college days reminiscing about everything from college parties to hook ups. The song's beat adds to the songs laid back, easy going appeal; perfect for radio airplay.

On the freestyle called "Cannon," Roth introduces his comical side of rapping that something is wrong with the world, "when Mariah has married Nick Cannon!" On this track Roth's style will have many comparisons to Eminem, a fellow white rapper; though his influences include Outkast, Mos Def , and others.

So in a few months if Asher Paul Roth is promoted correctly, Hip Hop may gain another emcee which many will soon respect & love.

* To hear Asher Roth's music visit his MySpace @
* His sinlge is also set to be released this Tuesday, January 13th.

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