Sunday, January 25, 2009

Male Throwback Jam: “Summer Girls” 1/24/2009

Continuing with the throwback jam(s) of the week, is our Male Throwback Jam, which comes to us from the late 90s-early '00s Pop boy band Lyte Funk Ones, AKA LFO. LFO clearly was the last ranked in many peoples list of favorite boy bands but they did bring some good music to the scene. Mixing the ever so common Pop sound with a Pop influenced rap by lead singer Rich Cronin in some of their songs. "Summer Girls," was being played by all radio stations by the time of it's release and audiences didn't mind, the song reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The video to "Summer Girls," featured LFO having fun at a carnival as the walked from place to place performing the song. In the video you can see people break dancing and enjoying their selves at the beach.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO to "Summer Girls"

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  1. This song is a classic for sure! I miss the old, normal, regular music like this! Also the lead singer is too cute! LOL!!