Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Danity Drama: 'Don' Through Day | Making The Band 4 Season 4

So, once again Making The Band/Diddy and MTV are really keeping every one's attention on Danity Kane, Day 26, and Donnie Klang with Season 4 of Making The Band(MTB).

Still the most interesting artist/group on the show has got to be Danity Kane by far. Not to mention they seem like the group who has or should I say had the most potential. With two number 1 albums and two Top 10 Hot 100 singles (YES, they should have more with two albums, but that's the Bad Boy Way-sell what matters, albums not singles) under their belt it all seems to becoming to an end for one of the 00's most promising new female groups. Do they ever last? There was Destiny's Child, 702, 3LW, and Dream (fellow Bad Boy group) just to name a few!

With Aubrey posing for February/march 09's issue of Playboy, D. Woods working with her group, Shannon's place in the group unknown (rumors her her leaving because of Diddy drama, not being in the trailer, and not wanting another season), only leaves for two certain members left. Aundrea who has told Diddy she wasn't happy with the group previously, and then there is what many believe Diddy is hoping to make his next check with (as a solo act), Dawn. Hmmm, don't think that solo career would last, let alone if it semi-worked!

Day 26, attempts to create more buzz with their dramatic fights in the preview as they prep their 2nd album (YES, already that's what I'm thinking) since their first failed to create any major buzz single wise. As for them, they can only hope that they can pull it together-As O-Town, Da Band, and Danity Kane have all proved to not stand the test of time.

As for Donnie Klang, he is really put in a bad position as Diddy puts all of his thoughts and ides toward the two groups, and little for Donnie. Doesn't he know it's harder to established fan base for a single artist rather a group? Not to say that he receives little to no air time on Making The Band. Personally he deserves another chance, especially since Diddy (You are not a cool rapper anymore, if you ever were!) corrupted his debut, by being the featured guest on his debut single ("Take You There")! "Dr. Love," could really become a hit for him.

Clearly with all of the issues- Staged or not bring on the next season of MTB4 Season4!
Let's just hope Diddy didn't stage the Danity Drama, because that will lost fans of theirs for sure, on the account of him!

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