Monday, April 27, 2009

Black Eyed Peas -The E.N.D. Album Artwork

UPDATE: This artwork above is newly released and is not what was reported on below. I actually feel the above artwork (green computer generated face) is less enticing than the previous thought to be artwork.

Check out the cover for the Black Eyed Peas 5th studio album, The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). Seems the concept of the album will be a futuristic sound, as the cover follows roots made from the lead single's ("Boom Boom Pow") music video. I must say the logo is pretty cool! I'm hoping Fergie doesn't milk her green, headphone like braids for too long, cause that will get annoying. Though judging from press, she is running with the dark hair do lately.

Any way I'm am definitely looking forward to this album, It'll be an album I actually purchase this year-unless it gets leaked crazy early! The E.N.D. is in stores June 9th, 2009. What do you think of the cover, leave comments below!

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  1. LOL! At the green thing lol! I think the album cover is cool! This is the only group that has gotten back together and actually are doing songs that I would probably put on my ipod!