Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rihanna -We're Waiting...Wherever You Are!

I know this is going to sound completely crazy to some people, but I surprisingly am missing Rihanna.

I am completely sick and tired of hearing about the whole February Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic abuse scandal. It's really old and played out, yet still gaining massive amounts of media exposure- Chris does need some substantial punishment, and Rihanna you should NOT get back with him.

With that being said quickly, I could really go for a new Rihanna single, album... but I do not want to hear something off of 2007, yes OH SEVEN's Good Girl Gone Bad being released as a single, I do not care if it's remixed either! Let it die out peacefully. I have heard some of her demos or songs being presented to her including "Hatin' On The Club," and "Emergency Room."

I am really liking "Emergency Room," and whether it's Rihanna or not whose singing on the leaked version, I could definitely be released as a "Take A Bow" Part II. Supposedly Mario wrote the song, and there also is a version out there with his vocals on it too. Interesting, cause Rihanna and Mario on a duet sounds very odd to me. Surprisingly as well I heard "Hatin' On The Club" played on (one of my) my home town's radio station, had me thinking is a Rihanna album on the way..... But still no official word yet.

This all is really different for Rihanna to take a break... Because right after "If It's Lovin' That You Want," started to die down she moved quickly onto her sophomore album's lead single "S.O.S. (Rescue Me)." And the same thing happened when "Break It Off" wasn't getting a video filmed and peaked at number 9 on the Hot 100, we quickly after started to hear "Umbrella," off of her third album. So it's kind of odd for Def Jam to give Rihanna a break, I wonder if it is because of the abuse scandal, or if its from Def Jam realizing that if another Rihanna single was released so quickly people would seriously have got sick of her, and her near Beyonce number 1 song quality factor would slowly die down. Makes you wonder.

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