Monday, April 27, 2009

Black Eyed Peas -The E.N.D. Album Artwork

UPDATE: This artwork above is newly released and is not what was reported on below. I actually feel the above artwork (green computer generated face) is less enticing than the previous thought to be artwork.

Check out the cover for the Black Eyed Peas 5th studio album, The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). Seems the concept of the album will be a futuristic sound, as the cover follows roots made from the lead single's ("Boom Boom Pow") music video. I must say the logo is pretty cool! I'm hoping Fergie doesn't milk her green, headphone like braids for too long, cause that will get annoying. Though judging from press, she is running with the dark hair do lately.

Any way I'm am definitely looking forward to this album, It'll be an album I actually purchase this year-unless it gets leaked crazy early! The E.N.D. is in stores June 9th, 2009. What do you think of the cover, leave comments below!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Danity Kane Steals the Show...Together or Not!

Tonight's episode of Making The Band: The Final Chapter featured Day 26, Donnie, Diddy, and no one other than Danity Kane. Although Danity Kane only consisted of Aubrey, D. Woods, Dawn, and Shannon on the show, they still managed to steal the show even without Aundrea.

During the show Day 26 performed 3 time,s to promote their sophomore album which debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. As well as Donnie Klang who performed a song off his album entitled "Pick It Up." It was a tad bit funny to hear Aubrey discredit Dawn, and speak over her after Dawn stated that everyone supported Aubrey's stint on Broadway. Aubrey backfired and said it was only D. Woods who supported her! Ouch!

Shannon said she spoke to Aundrea and her reasons for not coming were basically that she was the emotional one of the group, and was taking time to be with her family. Pretty much that she didn't want or need to deal with the expect Diddy BS, is what I'm thinking! I truly hope Aundrea finds a home at a great label who will support her solo career, because I could seriously see her being an easy well liked solo artist.

What the future holds...

As for Diddy's sacred little Dawn, she is supposed to be joining Diddy as one of his female band mates on his Last Train To Paris album/phase he's going through currently. Pretty much meaning he will give Dawn extra air time for exposure on his Making His Band show-pretty slick huh, ugh I think not. This pretty much is to boost Dawn's appeal for her Bad Boy solo debut album, which Diddy himself said was coming soon. I do not see this being a big album, and I still cannot dig Dawn's voice for an entire album, so she definitely better bring it, especially to make Pop fans enjoy her music. Dawn was rocking the latest, "I'm trying to be a major solo artist hairdo" so I'm gonna lose the weave and have a short-do, infamously made by Rihanna. Keri Hilson, has done the same to her hair!

D. Woods, seemed to appear on the show basically for self promotion reasons. Especially since after not showing up on the last finale which she was asked to appear on. Any who she is said to have heard from various labels who are interested in singing her, as well as working on her solo debut album. She made it seem as if she was already in pretty good hands, so the future will only tell how that ends up going for her. Previous rumors stated she was involved with another girl group

Sweet Miss Shannon, seemed to come into her own, on tonight's show, where she actually seemed to speak up, and tell how she saw things. Very good to see Shannon almost become a new person tonight! Not to mention of all of the girls she looked the best by a mile. She stated that she was getting involved with some web site, and said who knows, you may see her becoming/going Country for a solo debut album. Probably the best sure route for her, but I would definitely like to see Shannon become a Pop artist, over Country. If she had the right promo team, she could be something in the Pop world, various people have stated she was the best dancer in Danity Kane.

Last but definitely not least we heard from the fiery little diva in the making, Aubrey. Oh god I love me some Aubrey! She knows exactly how to bring the attention onto herself, which is what you need to make yourself a bigger star, than you currently are. Her future solo endeavors include going back to Broadway for another musical, as well as focusing on Fall 2009 reality TV show, which will probably be about her day to day life and her journey to make her solo debut album. Something to look forward for, but she better hope it doesn't get canceled cause that would not be a good look in any way!

As a whole...

Danity Kane seems to be in the same mind set, and Diddy pretty much agreed with them. The four seemed pretty open for a Danity Kane reunion, except the thing was, nobody wanted it to be right now! They all are to concentrated on their solo projects to commit to a Danity Kane album. So that goes for the internet hoax about their third studio album, From The Ashes, which they were supposedly said to be in the studio recording. Diddy even went to say on the show in front of all four of five members that there would not be another Danity Kane, unless it was the original 5 members. Though ironically he went on to say he will create another superstar female group, who will hopefully respect the opportunity more and learn how to deal with things that come along with groups, although saying , not that these ladies (Danity Kane ) didn't... Kinda odd, but yeah-it's Diddy!

The way I see it, is if Danity Kane doesn't reunite within a year, maybe two years max, who is really going to be checking for them! They will becoming part of the past, another group to be and go in the mid 2000s. I did enjoy their music as a group, but if they don't get their act together collectively soon, IMO there will be no need for a DK reunion, as sad as that may sound!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Black Eyed Peas Product Place "Pow"

So, earlier today the anticipated video for the Black Eyed Peas, already and currently Billboard Hot 100 number 1 single, "Boom Boom Pow," was released. Check out the video below.

Overall the video did meet its match by making it seem futuristic ("I'm so 3000 and 8") like the song's sound. It was interesting to see the Peas each with their own solo shots, nice to see the two unknown members get recognized, more so. If you pay attention to the video closely you'll notice it seems to be a direct product placement for an HP touchable screen. Great move BEP, and It's almost so subtle that if you don't think to hard into it, it's easily miss-able.

It won't be a surprise to hear "Boom Boom Pow," featured in an legitimate commercial for this HP product, since they definitely pimped out their video well for HP.

Oh and the tree definitely reminds me of the VH1 Soul logo, am I the only one who does see that? Leave comments below!

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Christina Milian Snippet: "Zipper"

Today a snippet of one of Christina Milian's track "Zipper" from her upcoming album entitled Elope leaked today. "Zipper" is definitely a song that could make people remember Milian's name. The uptempo club track, features an overly catchy chorus. Sadly the song was the intended 2nd single but was changed to "Supersonic," which features supposed fiance The-Dream. Any who the track is produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, as well as most of the album is expected to be, since Christina Milian signed a joint venture deal with The-Dream's Radio Killa label.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Boom Boom NOW!

Finally the Black Eyed Peas (which sometimes sounds like Will.I.Am & Fergie only) received their first Billboard Hot 100 number 1 single, with their lead single to their upcoming album, "Boom Boom Pow."

The Energy Never Dies AKA The E.N.D. has been said to be the Pea's last album, which wouldn't be surprising with Fergie's recent solo success, and hence the title, END! Regardless I personally am really excited to hear their new album, the Black Eyed Peas commercially friendly Hip Hop Pop sound is infectious to say the least.

With that being said it's great that they finally earned their 1st Hot 100 number 1 single, which actually has topped the Hot 100 for it's second week in a row; I do think past singles released by them may have been more deserving of the number 1 spot. "Boom Boom Pow," hasn't fully grown on me, but it is catchy thanks to Fergs, but I like songs like "My Humps," and "Lets Get It Started," better. Any who their album The E.N.D. is slatted for a release on June 9th, 2009.

Rihanna -We're Waiting...Wherever You Are!

I know this is going to sound completely crazy to some people, but I surprisingly am missing Rihanna.

I am completely sick and tired of hearing about the whole February Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic abuse scandal. It's really old and played out, yet still gaining massive amounts of media exposure- Chris does need some substantial punishment, and Rihanna you should NOT get back with him.

With that being said quickly, I could really go for a new Rihanna single, album... but I do not want to hear something off of 2007, yes OH SEVEN's Good Girl Gone Bad being released as a single, I do not care if it's remixed either! Let it die out peacefully. I have heard some of her demos or songs being presented to her including "Hatin' On The Club," and "Emergency Room."

I am really liking "Emergency Room," and whether it's Rihanna or not whose singing on the leaked version, I could definitely be released as a "Take A Bow" Part II. Supposedly Mario wrote the song, and there also is a version out there with his vocals on it too. Interesting, cause Rihanna and Mario on a duet sounds very odd to me. Surprisingly as well I heard "Hatin' On The Club" played on (one of my) my home town's radio station, had me thinking is a Rihanna album on the way..... But still no official word yet.

This all is really different for Rihanna to take a break... Because right after "If It's Lovin' That You Want," started to die down she moved quickly onto her sophomore album's lead single "S.O.S. (Rescue Me)." And the same thing happened when "Break It Off" wasn't getting a video filmed and peaked at number 9 on the Hot 100, we quickly after started to hear "Umbrella," off of her third album. So it's kind of odd for Def Jam to give Rihanna a break, I wonder if it is because of the abuse scandal, or if its from Def Jam realizing that if another Rihanna single was released so quickly people would seriously have got sick of her, and her near Beyonce number 1 song quality factor would slowly die down. Makes you wonder.


I must say I was extremely upset to find out that my favorite music magazine, BLENDER ceased recently. Their last issue being the April 2009 Kelly Clarkson covered issue.

I've been following BLENDER magazine religiously since 2003! BLENDER was a great music magazine for fans of all musical genres. From Country to Hip Hop BLENDER always had it covered. The magazine was so unique because it was maturely written but still very easy to read and interesting. BLENDER always had great articles, artist spotlights, cartoons, stories, anything; you name it they mostly likely had it. Its a very sad day in music magazines to see a magazine like BLENDER go down the drain. Ironically before their publications end, I did notice the magazine switched down size to a smaller magazine, guess it's the economy that did this to BLENDER-very sad!

BLENDER, what about the rest of my subscription? Luckily I didn't renew yet!

Diddy Is and Was the Cause...Danity Kane No More ?

So on tonight's part 1 of the season finale of Making The Band 4, Diddy started the show out by getting straight to the point that everybody, well more than 50% of whats left of Making The Band's viewers wanted to know.

HE quickly stated than he was going to release all members of Danity Kane from their contracts except Dawn. Yes he did release Aundrea from her contract, which in my opinion was a really messed up thing to do. Aundrea waited all along this season's filming of Making The Band, to find out if Danity Kane would be getting revamped in any sort of way possible, and Diddy flat out drops her! I mean I think he could have at least gave her a 1 or 2 album contract.

In the end Diddy certainly got his wish, since he is only left with the only member of Danity Kane, who he truly wanted from the git go: Dawn Richard! It's pretty clear to see that if DK doesn't get back together that Diddy will release an album from Dawn on Bad Boy. He already supposedly has Dawn writing music for Cassie (epic fail, including her half shaved head and all) so it only seems legit for him to give her the solo deal that's been speculated for years now.

The only shocking event left to see is next weeks part 2 of the finale, where Danity Kane is said to possibly be in whole (5 members) on stage with Diddy. Though I really do not see this going very far, Diddy is bluntly rude with Aubrey, even if she slightly changed he wouldn't like her vibe. Pretty sure I'm not the only one who see's that too. I just thought it was funny in which the order of their solo pictures that they showed--Anybody else notice it was in the order of who Diddy is in good terms with most currently: Dawn....Aundrea...Shannon...D. Woods...Aubrey!

I also was not feeling Dawn's over the top happy, I must move on, attitude during her photo shoot on tonight's show, very arrogant and overly cocky. Again I do not think she will ever be a huge solo star-time will tell.