Sunday, February 22, 2009

3rd Times A Charm | "Love Sex Magic" -Ciara & Justin Timberlake

I can not be the only one feeling that Ciara is scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to her originality lately. As she still struggles to release her 3rd album Fantasy Ride, the single choice hasn't been on point, is a light statement.

"Go Girl," which featured T-Pain just wasn't half as catchy or energetic as it should have been, and quickly got forgotten. T-Pain, what happen to your Top 10 magic? Since it has been switched from being labeled as a lead/1st single to the albums buzz single; even though a video was created for it [sounds like a failed single, to me].

The second shot at jump starting Fantasy Ride, brought us a mid tempo collaboration featuring Young Jeezy. With a semi-catchy sampled chorus, "Never, Ever" managed to gain more attention than its previous, but not enough for LaFace [Records-Ciara's Label]. [Which is odd because I was actually starting to like the song, the more and more I heard it!]

Trying for a 3rd attempt, only a month after the initial release of "Never Ever," Ciara's next collaborative choice, was no one other than Justin Timberlake. Good collaboration when you first think about it huh? But "Love Sex Magic," just doesn't cut it for me. It seems overly Poppy for Ciara's style, and after disliking the song's demo [done solo by Justin Timberlake] and not liking it doesn't help either. "Love Sex Magic," really seems like the type of song you would have to let grow on you, as an R&B fan, though if you love Pop or Dance music, it's definitely for you!

Over all it just comes off as a forced, awkward duet. The duo could have done a lot better. Timberlake's production on this song, doesn't match his previous work such as "Dead And Gone," or "4 Minutes." They basically went for an extremely club song, with a massive Dance Pop feel to it. Who knows, since Pop is whats selling, especially for the average R&B artist (Rihanna, Beyonce) maybe this will finally help catapult Fantasy Ride, for the public to hear. I'm just hoping in the end, they continue to push "Never, Ever" at R&B and Rhythmic radio because over time, people will like that song, more and more too.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF "Love Sex Magic," LISTEN to the song HERE!

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