Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Male Throwback Jam: “Same Ol' G” 1/31/2009

The weeks Male Throwback Jam come to us from Ginuwine. His Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack single, "Same Ol' G," was released in 1998, as a single. It was produced by frequent collaborator Timbaland who actually had a spoken part on the track as well.

The song lyrics show of how Ginuwine is in fact still the same Ginuwine who people knew. Saying that even though he may be on TV, that doesn't change him.

The video featured Ginuwine dancing with female dancers on stage at a club, teaching his young son dance moves, and sitting in an empty apartment. It eventually shows the club where Ginuwine is at, has a Girls Only entry. Timbaland makes an appearance in the video as well multiple times.

Undeniable one of the great new wave of R&B performers from the 90s whose career led into the 2000s. Ginuwine is currently working on his album A Man's Thoughts-due in 2009.

Check out the video to "Same Ol' G"

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