Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ciara Formula-Polow Da Don-ized

Ciara obviously is experimenting with new sounds, because she clearly isn't doing her signature Crunk sound ("Goodies," "Get Up"). First failed lead single "Go Girl," featuring T-Pain, didn't manage to allow the album for a late 2008 release-probably because people expected a high energy single since T-Pain was the featured guest.

"Never, Ever" takes a semi-catchy sample for the chorus, and has Ciara sing it in an almost adolescent tone. It attempts to bring a light dance feel to a laid back track With the songs producer being Polow Da Don, who worked with Ciara on her only hit mid-tempo, "Promise," and a feature from Young Jeezy," (also featured in the Polow Da Don produced "Love In This Club") you can tell that plans to create a mix of the two songs was in mind.

It's nice to hear Ciara try new things, but sometimes you gotta stick to what your good at. Though many claim Ciara to be a "young Janet" and Janet did have success with ballads (such as "Again") so it makes sense for Ciara to want to slow down the tempo as well.

"Never, Ever" isn't a bad song, it just isn't what fans exactly expect from Ciara [minus the fact they do expect her singles to be collabos ("1, 2, Step," [featuring Missy Elliott] "Oh," [featuring Ludacris] "Can't Leave Em Alone," [featuring 50 Cent] the list goes on...) so the success of this single can go anyway! Listen & watch the video to Ciara's "Never, Ever."

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