Thursday, February 26, 2009

Danity Future : As I Currently See It!

The way I see it coming along as of now is that this season of Making The Band we will get to see Danity Kane come together as a trio, being Dawn-Aundrea-Shannon, and I think they may make music together. Not an album, but I do see them releasing a single or two, so Diddy can test the waters to see if people still are vibing Danity Kane.

Then I see the following season finding a way to reach out to D. Woods and maybe Aubrey, but def. D. Woods. Then I see the four of them (all minus Aubrey) them doing sort of another test trial by releasing a single digitally. And if it does well enough, creating and releasing an album.

Then for the next season I see them making the entire group reunion, and inviting Aubrey back to be a part of Danity Kane. Giving her a chance to do her own thing (which some may consider wild) and then have her see what she'll miss without Danity Kane. But in the end I do think see (as of now) all 5 girls of DK getting back together and releasing an album again together. It'll be called 'Danity Reunited,' or something like that.

IMM [In my mind] it isn't smart for Diddy to think about giving Dawn a solo career this early in the game. He needs to establish her group b4 thinking solo terms and contracts. All I know is I think Danity Kane no matter how many members are in it, 3,4,5 (don't know about 2) they should release new music, they really were a successful group. Is it a publicity stunt, ehhh, maybe, probably is. But they did make music as a 5-some well! As of now, I guess DK will remain damaged!

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