Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chris Brown's 2nd Chance?

Christopher Maurice Brown....

Seems like the world was his, am I wrong? Never did I think I would be hearing about Chris Brown having any run ins with the law any time soon. But just like Lindsay Lohan, Shia Labeouf, the list goes on, so I'm going to stop it right there; Young Hollywood always seems to end up in some sort of trouble.

Oddly enough Chris Brown could not have wanted much worse things to be his first big mishap. Supposedly beating, choking, biting, and threatening his Pop sensation [girl]friend Rihanna, doesn't have his future looking so bright at the moment. Yes Chris Brown is young, he may have made a mistake, but is this something that should be over looked?

Judging by the leaked police photo of Rihanna, which included a knot on her forehead, a busted lip, and swollen parts on her face (lips, nose, cheeks) something somewhat serious went down. Knowing that Chris Brown's mother was beat by his step father in the past, you would think he would have the knowledge to step not commit abuse himself-guess not. Not saying he is guilty, and Rihanna did nothing, but if Chris Brown was the sole cause of all of Rihanna's injuries, should his career get the chance to continue?

There are tons of young guys who probably can dance, sing, and put on a show similar to Chris Brown so why not give someone who wouldn't beat up a woman a chance to fill his void. Does Chris Brown deserve another shot at continuing his career. He had the world at his hands, and let whatever was between him and Rihanna escalate to the point where her hit a woman.

Is that OK, or deserving of a second chance, what message does that send to youth who knows of this situation; not a good one. If you are somebody who is completely 100% saying Chris Brown just made one mistake, and that he is deserving of a second chance, think about a woman who you love, a sister, mother, grandmother, wife, best girl friend getting beaten by someone. Does this change your perception of the situation, because it should not, whatever your stance is it should be a universal rule of how you feel about domestic violence.

Domestic violence needs to be stopped, and how can we learn that it is not OK by allowing someone so much in the public eye, to get away scot-free?

[As a side note, I do like Chris Brown as an artist, and in no way am I trying to get at him as an artist. You have to put him as a random human being, and not the celebrity he is in this situation. I do enjoy his music, and I could potentially like his future music, but I don't know if this all is true if I could fully support him as an artist.]
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