Sunday, February 8, 2009

Katy Perry's Drunk Escapade: 51st Grammy Awards Edition

So from the TV Guide red carpet special to even her performance on the 51st Grammy Awards stage, the bi-curious Katy Perry seriously seemed out of it. From the interview with Lisa Rinna & Joey Fatone Jr. she were she was looking off into out of the camera's view, to her odd responses to questions. During her performance she really seemed out of it, luckily on her part she didn't stumble- and the song doesn't call for extreme vocals! Her dance moves seemed way off and as if she didn't practice them enough. Should we expect a "Leave Katy Alone," video in the coming days or what?

Clearly as a nominated new artist, who was performing at what many consider music's biggest night, Ms. Perry wasn't appreciative of her chance to show the world she was worthy of her nominations and chance to perform her hit single.


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