Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beat Freaks | America's Best Dance Crew '09

So I said it at the beginning of this season, that a girl crew would win, and to me it's already set in stone. With three dance crews left, them being Beat Freaks (an all female crew), Quest Crew (an all male crew), and Fly Khicks (another all female crew); I am almost certain Beat Freaks will win.

By the praise they got from their performance to Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold," where JC called them the "prop masters" and Shane Sparks called them "America's Best Dance Crew," over just simply the prop masters, they are a shoo-in to win. They really did a good job performing on last weeks show. And could'nuv felt any better after the judges review of them.

I think it's kinda random how one of the girls in Beat Freaks, was actually one of Gwen Stefani's [former] Harujuku Girls, Rino Nakasone AKA Music (Love. Angel. Music. Baby.)

Check out their performance last week to "Hot N Cold," below!

Danity Future : As I Currently See It!

The way I see it coming along as of now is that this season of Making The Band we will get to see Danity Kane come together as a trio, being Dawn-Aundrea-Shannon, and I think they may make music together. Not an album, but I do see them releasing a single or two, so Diddy can test the waters to see if people still are vibing Danity Kane.

Then I see the following season finding a way to reach out to D. Woods and maybe Aubrey, but def. D. Woods. Then I see the four of them (all minus Aubrey) them doing sort of another test trial by releasing a single digitally. And if it does well enough, creating and releasing an album.

Then for the next season I see them making the entire group reunion, and inviting Aubrey back to be a part of Danity Kane. Giving her a chance to do her own thing (which some may consider wild) and then have her see what she'll miss without Danity Kane. But in the end I do think see (as of now) all 5 girls of DK getting back together and releasing an album again together. It'll be called 'Danity Reunited,' or something like that.

IMM [In my mind] it isn't smart for Diddy to think about giving Dawn a solo career this early in the game. He needs to establish her group b4 thinking solo terms and contracts. All I know is I think Danity Kane no matter how many members are in it, 3,4,5 (don't know about 2) they should release new music, they really were a successful group. Is it a publicity stunt, ehhh, maybe, probably is. But they did make music as a 5-some well! As of now, I guess DK will remain damaged!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chris Brown's 2nd Chance?

Christopher Maurice Brown....

Seems like the world was his, am I wrong? Never did I think I would be hearing about Chris Brown having any run ins with the law any time soon. But just like Lindsay Lohan, Shia Labeouf, the list goes on, so I'm going to stop it right there; Young Hollywood always seems to end up in some sort of trouble.

Oddly enough Chris Brown could not have wanted much worse things to be his first big mishap. Supposedly beating, choking, biting, and threatening his Pop sensation [girl]friend Rihanna, doesn't have his future looking so bright at the moment. Yes Chris Brown is young, he may have made a mistake, but is this something that should be over looked?

Judging by the leaked police photo of Rihanna, which included a knot on her forehead, a busted lip, and swollen parts on her face (lips, nose, cheeks) something somewhat serious went down. Knowing that Chris Brown's mother was beat by his step father in the past, you would think he would have the knowledge to step not commit abuse himself-guess not. Not saying he is guilty, and Rihanna did nothing, but if Chris Brown was the sole cause of all of Rihanna's injuries, should his career get the chance to continue?

There are tons of young guys who probably can dance, sing, and put on a show similar to Chris Brown so why not give someone who wouldn't beat up a woman a chance to fill his void. Does Chris Brown deserve another shot at continuing his career. He had the world at his hands, and let whatever was between him and Rihanna escalate to the point where her hit a woman.

Is that OK, or deserving of a second chance, what message does that send to youth who knows of this situation; not a good one. If you are somebody who is completely 100% saying Chris Brown just made one mistake, and that he is deserving of a second chance, think about a woman who you love, a sister, mother, grandmother, wife, best girl friend getting beaten by someone. Does this change your perception of the situation, because it should not, whatever your stance is it should be a universal rule of how you feel about domestic violence.

Domestic violence needs to be stopped, and how can we learn that it is not OK by allowing someone so much in the public eye, to get away scot-free?

[As a side note, I do like Chris Brown as an artist, and in no way am I trying to get at him as an artist. You have to put him as a random human being, and not the celebrity he is in this situation. I do enjoy his music, and I could potentially like his future music, but I don't know if this all is true if I could fully support him as an artist.]
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Cute Commercial: Lays Dip & Chips

Ironically, this Lays Dip & Chips commercial is kind of cute, check it out!

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I love how the yellow circle is all happily walking after he paints himself green (though his lips are still yellow!), but it rains.... : (
Seriously Check it out!
There are similar commercials too, if you want to check them out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

3rd Times A Charm | "Love Sex Magic" -Ciara & Justin Timberlake

I can not be the only one feeling that Ciara is scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to her originality lately. As she still struggles to release her 3rd album Fantasy Ride, the single choice hasn't been on point, is a light statement.

"Go Girl," which featured T-Pain just wasn't half as catchy or energetic as it should have been, and quickly got forgotten. T-Pain, what happen to your Top 10 magic? Since it has been switched from being labeled as a lead/1st single to the albums buzz single; even though a video was created for it [sounds like a failed single, to me].

The second shot at jump starting Fantasy Ride, brought us a mid tempo collaboration featuring Young Jeezy. With a semi-catchy sampled chorus, "Never, Ever" managed to gain more attention than its previous, but not enough for LaFace [Records-Ciara's Label]. [Which is odd because I was actually starting to like the song, the more and more I heard it!]

Trying for a 3rd attempt, only a month after the initial release of "Never Ever," Ciara's next collaborative choice, was no one other than Justin Timberlake. Good collaboration when you first think about it huh? But "Love Sex Magic," just doesn't cut it for me. It seems overly Poppy for Ciara's style, and after disliking the song's demo [done solo by Justin Timberlake] and not liking it doesn't help either. "Love Sex Magic," really seems like the type of song you would have to let grow on you, as an R&B fan, though if you love Pop or Dance music, it's definitely for you!

Over all it just comes off as a forced, awkward duet. The duo could have done a lot better. Timberlake's production on this song, doesn't match his previous work such as "Dead And Gone," or "4 Minutes." They basically went for an extremely club song, with a massive Dance Pop feel to it. Who knows, since Pop is whats selling, especially for the average R&B artist (Rihanna, Beyonce) maybe this will finally help catapult Fantasy Ride, for the public to hear. I'm just hoping in the end, they continue to push "Never, Ever" at R&B and Rhythmic radio because over time, people will like that song, more and more too.

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF "Love Sex Magic," LISTEN to the song HERE!

MTV: Music Television ---> Media Television

It's really funny, when you think about MTV now days compared to it back around the late 90s and early 2000s. If you tuned into Music Television AKA MTV then you could expect to find shows like Total Request Live (TRL), Diary ("You think you know, but you have no idea..."), Say What Karaoke, Direct Effect, TRL Wannabes, Becoming, Making The Video, MTV Unplugged, and other shows which clearly involved music.

But ever since around 2005 or so it almost seemed like MTV should have became Media Television; since most of their music related shows were disappearing in favor of reality shows. A model which many stations were choosing in the reality TV wave of reality TV over sitcoms. many dating shows including Next, Room Raiders, Date My Mom, A Shot At Love..., Parental Control, and Dismissed. While still finding time to air shows such as Making The Band, The Hills, Run's House, Boiling Points, True Life, and Cribs among others have all received long runs on the network, many which still are airing new episodes.

Thinking of the music programs MTV currently airs, the only show that comes to mind is FNMTV. Which isn't even aired daily, and has been off season for a good while, by now. This seriously is sad. And in no way should the late night music videos that are played when little to no one is watching count as a musical program. For a network which started as putting music first, seeing them follow the reality route is extremely disappointing.

While rolling out new reality shows like The City, Bromance, and From G's To Gent's; one can only wonder if in the future MTV will regain it's mark in music television, and start to play shows with less emphasis on reality and more on music!
[General idea from T. Larsen]

Friday, February 13, 2009

Male Throwback Jam: “Give It To You” 2/14/2009

The weeks Male Throwback Jam of the Week comes to us from Pop superstar Jordan Knight. although he didn't receive much success for his solo career, by all means his addition to New Kids On The Block and his solo single "Give It To You," qualifies him as a Pop Star. "Give It To You," featured all of the Bubblegum Pop things, the late 90s could offer to us. It eventually peaked at number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It came off of his, self titled, solo debut album, Jordan Knight.

The video features a carnival setup with Knight as he dances to various routines throughout the circus. The intro music adds to the video's beginning as well. Other scenes of the video feature Knight walking throughout the Circus as he is looking at the lead girl who makes a transformation in the video.

An ironic fact about the song that many people don't know, is that Robin Thicke was one of the writers of "Give It To You." As well as Knight, Terry Lewis, and James Harris III. More Recently, Jordan Kinight with NKOTB reunited and released an album entiteled The Block in 2008-their first studio album in 14 years.

LISTEN AND WATCH the song/video to "Give It To You," at YOUTUBE click here to go straight to the video!
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Female Throwback Jam: “Red Light Special” 2/14/2009

This weeks Female Throwback Jam of the week is definitely a classic R&B Jam. It comes to us from legendary 90s female group TLC. "Red Light Special," came off of their now Diamond, yes that's over 10x Platinum, sophomore album CrazySexyCool. The racy song was released second single, and managed to peak at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1995.

In the video T-Boz, (the late) Left Eye, and Chilli in a proactive sexual scene where the girls were dressed in various outfits including as men in one case. The women of TLC were playing cards with men and singing to the song in the video as well as.

TLC managed to become one of the most memorable female groups from the 90s and will forever be remembered in the Music Industry for all of what they've accomplished. unfortunately Left Eye passed away on Thursday, April 25th, 2002, from a car accident in Honduras. Meaning TLC was practically no more. Still their classic music, videos, images, etc. live on.

[This was not chosen as the FTJ because of the SCC Dance, it was decided before I knew what the dance title was]

CHECK OUT the song/video to "Red Light Special" BELOW!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fray Recreates Signature Sound | The Fray 'The Fray' CD Review

Back in 2005, Colorado finally earned its mark in current mainstream music with help of Alternative Rock band, The Fray. The four piece piano laced group released their debut single, “Over My Head (Cable Car),” which managed to reach number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Continuing with their success, The Fray released “How To Save A Life,” which became an even bigger hit with some thanks to ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and a load of other shows playing it. ‘Life’ managed to peak at number 3 on the Hot 100, allowing The Fray to prove they were definitely here to stay.

Nearly four years after the release of the two times platinum album, How To Save A Life, The Fray returned back onto the scene with new music. Once again, ABC adopted the bands lead single for promotion of the fifth season of Lost. “You Found Me,” became the groups third top 10 single (peaking at number 7) on the Hot 100 in early 2009.

On their self titled, sophomore release, The Fray continues with their signature Pop Rock, piano driven tunes. Evidently becoming the distinct sound they go for on the entire album. Every song from the album could certainly do well at Adult Contemporary radio; Even though vocal range isn’t the strong point of lead singer, Isaac Slade; he manages to convey the emotion filled tracks exceptionally well. The realistic lyrical content is definitely a driving point for The Fray’s music and their ability to touch the lives of their listeners.

Standout album cuts including “Absolute,” and “Syndicate,” could easily become future successful singles for The Fray. Both Feature captivating instrumentals and radio pleasant vocals similar to their past high charting singles. “Absolute” questions, “Is this all we get to be absolute? Quiet but I’m sure there is something here, tell me everything cause I want to hear.” While the bittersweet tune “Syndicate” features Slade crooning, “Baby close your eyes, don’t open till the morning light, don’t ever forget, we haven't lost it all yet.”

Although The Fray, is only a ten track CD, it features multiple unique songs, including the must hear grief filled, “Enough For Now.”

The Fray seems to have picked the perfect time to jump back into the music scene. With helpful promotion from ABC, and committed fans, The Fray is sure to become another hit album for the band. By continuing the sound they’re known for, their sophomore album will easily maintain loyal fans, while attracting new ones, as well. Not to mention since The Fray holds the top two iTunes Top Albums charting positions, their sophomore album will without doubt top How To Save A Life’s Billboard 200 peak of 14.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Katy Perry's Drunk Escapade: 51st Grammy Awards Edition

So from the TV Guide red carpet special to even her performance on the 51st Grammy Awards stage, the bi-curious Katy Perry seriously seemed out of it. From the interview with Lisa Rinna & Joey Fatone Jr. she were she was looking off into out of the camera's view, to her odd responses to questions. During her performance she really seemed out of it, luckily on her part she didn't stumble- and the song doesn't call for extreme vocals! Her dance moves seemed way off and as if she didn't practice them enough. Should we expect a "Leave Katy Alone," video in the coming days or what?

Clearly as a nominated new artist, who was performing at what many consider music's biggest night, Ms. Perry wasn't appreciative of her chance to show the world she was worthy of her nominations and chance to perform her hit single.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Male Throwback Jam: “Touch Me, Tease Me” 2/7/2009

This weeks, Male Throwback Jam of the week comes to us from R&B singer Case. The collaborative "Touch Me, Tease Me," featured three up and coming stars Case of course, R&B singer Mary J. Blige, and rapper Foxy Brown. "Touch Me, Tease Me," was included on Case's debut album Case and the soundtrack to The Nutty Professor. It eventually reached number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100; becoming his first Hot 100 charting song in 1996.

The video started out with a case which opened and began to play, the song. Foxy Brown started to rap in front of a black screen, followed by Case singing after. Clips of the movie, can be seen throughout the video as well. Mary J. Blige appears during the chorus to sing her part of the song. The video ends with the same case being closed.

Case had more success with 98's "Faded Pictures," and 01's "Missing You," became his biggest single to date peaking at number 4 on the Hot 100.


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Female Throwback Jam: “Show Me Love” 2/7/2009

This weeks Female Throwback Jam of the week comes to us from 90s Swedish Pop singer Roby. her single "Show Me Love," became a hit in the U.S. and eventually reached number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. "Show Me Love," came off of Robyn's platinum certified debut album Robyn Is Here which was released on June 24th, 1997 in the U.S.

The music video to "Show Me Love," featured Robyn on a simple green screen set up with a band and a group of people lined up, showing affection to others. The video was primarily shot in black and white, though there is scenes where Robyn is shown in color; wearing a turquoise top. The video ends with a guy coming up to Robyn and hugging her, and then precedes to kiss her.

As of lately Robyn has changed her sound, and ventured into more of a Hip Hop & Pop sound as she raps in some of her songs. The sound is definitely more edgy but still good music nonetheless. To hear Robyn's new sound check out "Handle Me" [Red One Remix].


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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Male Throwback Jam: “Same Ol' G” 1/31/2009

The weeks Male Throwback Jam come to us from Ginuwine. His Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack single, "Same Ol' G," was released in 1998, as a single. It was produced by frequent collaborator Timbaland who actually had a spoken part on the track as well.

The song lyrics show of how Ginuwine is in fact still the same Ginuwine who people knew. Saying that even though he may be on TV, that doesn't change him.

The video featured Ginuwine dancing with female dancers on stage at a club, teaching his young son dance moves, and sitting in an empty apartment. It eventually shows the club where Ginuwine is at, has a Girls Only entry. Timbaland makes an appearance in the video as well multiple times.

Undeniable one of the great new wave of R&B performers from the 90s whose career led into the 2000s. Ginuwine is currently working on his album A Man's Thoughts-due in 2009.

Check out the video to "Same Ol' G"

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Female Throwback Jam: “C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)” 1/31/2009

This weeks Female Throwback Jam actually comes to us from a male/female group Quad City DJs. Billing it as the female jam because the female parts obviously make this song, what it is. Quad City DJs consisted of Jay Ski, C.C. Lemonhead, & JeLana LaFleur.

“C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)” became a huge hit and reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Though it is widely known to many as their only single, the group actually had a follow song, which wasn't as big, and sung the theme song to the movie, Space Jam.

The video for “C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)” featured the group among a bunch of others in a room (which is perceived to be a space ship), as they basically have a dance party, and did the official dance to the song. instances of the video in many ways resemble Soul Train and the Soul Train Line. By all means this is definitely one of the most memorable 90s Dance songs.

Check out the video to “C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)” BELOW!

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"Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" Video/Single Review

As Lady GaGa continues success with her debut single "Just Dance," which currently is the longest running Billboard Hot 100 # 1 single of 2009 (3 weeks), and has her follow single "Poker Face," rising up the charts including the Hot 100 (number 32 peak) and iTunes Top Songs (number 11).

The video for what is said to be the 4th U.S./Summer single "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)," was released for it's Australia release. The video features a slightly retro look, where GaGa is seen walking and having fun with girlfriends, and even in a household doing chores. The house scene shows resemblance to Ashanti's "Good Good," video as GaGa obviously shows off her more sexual side.

It's nice to see GaGa actually switch it up from the long blond wig [I hope that's not her (real) hair] she normally wears. In the video she wears a bow made of her hair, as well as retro looking hair-spray do's.

With people comparing "Eh, Eh (Nothing...)" to the sound of 90s EuroPop band Ace Of Base, it should easily become a nothing big song for Lady GaGa. I expect this to become a hit summer single in the U.S. for Lady GaGa as it has the perfect feel and vibe for summertime; with a video that compliments it well too.

Watch the video to "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)."

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Ciara Formula-Polow Da Don-ized

Ciara obviously is experimenting with new sounds, because she clearly isn't doing her signature Crunk sound ("Goodies," "Get Up"). First failed lead single "Go Girl," featuring T-Pain, didn't manage to allow the album for a late 2008 release-probably because people expected a high energy single since T-Pain was the featured guest.

"Never, Ever" takes a semi-catchy sample for the chorus, and has Ciara sing it in an almost adolescent tone. It attempts to bring a light dance feel to a laid back track With the songs producer being Polow Da Don, who worked with Ciara on her only hit mid-tempo, "Promise," and a feature from Young Jeezy," (also featured in the Polow Da Don produced "Love In This Club") you can tell that plans to create a mix of the two songs was in mind.

It's nice to hear Ciara try new things, but sometimes you gotta stick to what your good at. Though many claim Ciara to be a "young Janet" and Janet did have success with ballads (such as "Again") so it makes sense for Ciara to want to slow down the tempo as well.

"Never, Ever" isn't a bad song, it just isn't what fans exactly expect from Ciara [minus the fact they do expect her singles to be collabos ("1, 2, Step," [featuring Missy Elliott] "Oh," [featuring Ludacris] "Can't Leave Em Alone," [featuring 50 Cent] the list goes on...) so the success of this single can go anyway! Listen & watch the video to Ciara's "Never, Ever."

LeToya...On A Ne-Yo Reject?

LeToya-LeToya-LeToya! I do not think this was a strong lead single-to set of an album right. It's not a bad song, but I heard someone say it sounded like a song Ne-Yo rejected, and decided to give her... And it does. There isn't anything overly catchy about it.

The song sounds really better with heavy bass I must say. I wasn't to happy after purchasing LeToya's debut album, so I hope 'Lady Love,' can bring the heat and singles as well. Because if not she may be done after this album-Sorry Toya fans, but that's the truth!

I'd love to heard LeToya rock it on a club headed dance track- that's how the CD shoulda been sold on, not a mid-tempo! We'll see. Listen to "Not Anymore."