Thursday, October 16, 2008

KanYe, Really Cocky Now!

So, Kanye West’s album 808s & Heartbreaks which is scheduled to be released on November 25th, 2008 has been said to be an all singing album from the rapper. The only rap verse will be coming from Young Jeezy. Lil’ Wayne is also featured on one song, where the two duet together. I suppose this is the way he's going to try to prove he's the ultimate artist-Good luck wit hthis one.

Judging from the likes of the first single, “Love Lockdown,” I am not going to be supporting this version of Kanye West. He came out with a great first album, his two follow ups were decent, but for him to get so cocky and think people want to hear an entire album of him singing, to me is bogus. All I can say is good luck with this one Kanye.

“Love Lockdown,” made it to number 3 on The Billboard Hot 100, based primarily off of downloads, though the single as seems so disappear out of the Top 50 shortly after it’s peak.

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  1. ha ha wuts that lady that sings fly like paper air planes. . . or no one on the corner gotta swagga like us, well anyway kanye says he listens to it every morning