Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keri Copies...

So I guess when Keri was saying that this video was going to introduce the “superstar Keri,” she meant it was going to aim at selling sex appeal.

2nd I like how it kinda did the intro with “The Way I Are,” but that should have been done for her first leading/solo track which would have been “Energy.” Now if they would have switched the clip from, “The Way I Are,” to “Energy,” then start the video for “Return The Favor,” that would have made a lot more sense.

3rd, I’m not feeling all of the Rihanna copies. First when Keri was like by all of the mirrors, Rihanna did that exact type of thing in her video for, “SOS (Rescue Me).” Secondly when she was attempting to do a dance routine at the end of the video, in the dark/black clothing and dancing on water, is damn near exactly what Rihanna did in “Umbrella,” except she was bare-foot and held an umbrella.

I mean over all, it wasn’t too intriguing, but it wasn’t that bad.

Still Keri should have definitely went with the Demo version of the song, the “Kiss me and I’ll kiss you back…” chorus is much more interesting than the, “hey, hey ,hey…I’ll return the favor,” chorus!

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