Monday, October 27, 2008

No Shannon! 3 -> 2 = Danity Duo

Wow! So look here. Does it surprise anyone that Shannon Bex supposedly quit Danity Kane? I sure hope not, because it shouldn’t! Shannon didn’t seem to happy on the live season finale of Making The Band after Sway said, that MTV basically renewed the show for another season, and saying that they were going to find new members/replacements for Aubrey & D.Woods.

Plus Shannon was way to mature for Diddy and his childish BS of how he tried to blame Danity Kane for the issues which he was going to bring upon them as he insinuated that he wanted D.Woods out, after kicking out Aubrey.

By now, if Shannon’s departure of the group is true, then I think Aundrea is only staying around in hopes that Diddy will give her a solo deal. Because we all know with Shannon gone Diddy is just one step closer of having his goal achieved, Dawn with a solo deal on Bad Boy. Not to mention Diddy called Aundrea out as a “problem child,” and practically put her in the same group as Aubrey & D.Woods. Thats a diss Diddy!

I could see a label picking up Aubrey as a solo artist; I just hope the same could be possible for Shannon and if so that she’d sell and become at least a B-list pop star, since she seems so nice, genuine & deserving.

So much for Welcome To The Dollhouse outselling Danity Kane and releasing more singles than it as well. Good luck Danity Duo-doubt a newly reformed DK will reach the short lived DK peak!

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