Monday, October 27, 2008

No Shannon! 3 -> 2 = Danity Duo

Wow! So look here. Does it surprise anyone that Shannon Bex supposedly quit Danity Kane? I sure hope not, because it shouldn’t! Shannon didn’t seem to happy on the live season finale of Making The Band after Sway said, that MTV basically renewed the show for another season, and saying that they were going to find new members/replacements for Aubrey & D.Woods.

Plus Shannon was way to mature for Diddy and his childish BS of how he tried to blame Danity Kane for the issues which he was going to bring upon them as he insinuated that he wanted D.Woods out, after kicking out Aubrey.

By now, if Shannon’s departure of the group is true, then I think Aundrea is only staying around in hopes that Diddy will give her a solo deal. Because we all know with Shannon gone Diddy is just one step closer of having his goal achieved, Dawn with a solo deal on Bad Boy. Not to mention Diddy called Aundrea out as a “problem child,” and practically put her in the same group as Aubrey & D.Woods. Thats a diss Diddy!

I could see a label picking up Aubrey as a solo artist; I just hope the same could be possible for Shannon and if so that she’d sell and become at least a B-list pop star, since she seems so nice, genuine & deserving.

So much for Welcome To The Dollhouse outselling Danity Kane and releasing more singles than it as well. Good luck Danity Duo-doubt a newly reformed DK will reach the short lived DK peak!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keri Copies...

So I guess when Keri was saying that this video was going to introduce the “superstar Keri,” she meant it was going to aim at selling sex appeal.

2nd I like how it kinda did the intro with “The Way I Are,” but that should have been done for her first leading/solo track which would have been “Energy.” Now if they would have switched the clip from, “The Way I Are,” to “Energy,” then start the video for “Return The Favor,” that would have made a lot more sense.

3rd, I’m not feeling all of the Rihanna copies. First when Keri was like by all of the mirrors, Rihanna did that exact type of thing in her video for, “SOS (Rescue Me).” Secondly when she was attempting to do a dance routine at the end of the video, in the dark/black clothing and dancing on water, is damn near exactly what Rihanna did in “Umbrella,” except she was bare-foot and held an umbrella.

I mean over all, it wasn’t too intriguing, but it wasn’t that bad.

Still Keri should have definitely went with the Demo version of the song, the “Kiss me and I’ll kiss you back…” chorus is much more interesting than the, “hey, hey ,hey…I’ll return the favor,” chorus!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

KanYe, Really Cocky Now!

So, Kanye West’s album 808s & Heartbreaks which is scheduled to be released on November 25th, 2008 has been said to be an all singing album from the rapper. The only rap verse will be coming from Young Jeezy. Lil’ Wayne is also featured on one song, where the two duet together. I suppose this is the way he's going to try to prove he's the ultimate artist-Good luck wit hthis one.

Judging from the likes of the first single, “Love Lockdown,” I am not going to be supporting this version of Kanye West. He came out with a great first album, his two follow ups were decent, but for him to get so cocky and think people want to hear an entire album of him singing, to me is bogus. All I can say is good luck with this one Kanye.

“Love Lockdown,” made it to number 3 on The Billboard Hot 100, based primarily off of downloads, though the single as seems so disappear out of the Top 50 shortly after it’s peak.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obvious Standout will Exceed A-Side

So, after viewing and hearing both of Beyonce’s new singles, I must admit one outshines the other by a long shot. I’m really not digging the vibe of “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” the song, or the video. The video was extremely boring, and overly simple, just dancing, Um, I don’t think so-to me that screams boring. Not to mention the song really has the vibe of “Get Me Bodied.”

As for “If I Were A Boy,” I think Beyonce totally got Toby Gad, to write a somewhat similar musical knock of Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal),” mixed with the message of Ciara’s “Like A Boy.” That being sad, it still is a decent song with an interesting video concept. I really enjoyed how almost until the end of the song, we didn’t see Beyonce singing any of the song, we only saw the cinematic video being acted out. The dramatic dialogue after the song’s bridge was a nice additon as well.

Overall I think we will look to see a lot more of “If I Were A Boy,” and a lot less of “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” since it’s obvious which is a stronger contender for becoming a Top Billboard Hot 100 single, and that one single is intended for Pop radio (CHR/Top 40), while the other being Urban formats (Hip Hop/R&B).

Random Thought: 'Finally' Fergie's 'Labels'

Did anyone else wonder why Fergie never fully released “Finally,” as a complete single? Cause I do. I mean, it was sent to radio, but why wasn’t there ever a video released? I really do think that the single could have had a lot of potential on Adult Contemporary radio formats, and who knows how Fergie’s streak was, it should have became an easy Top 10 for her with correct promotion.

On top of that somewhat failed single, it also seemed to me that the soundtrack and deluxe version (of The Dutchess) released single, “Labels Or Love,” failed too. Since it was released as a soundtrack single you expect a video, and we never got to see any sort of video to help promote the movie. Which to me, “Labels Or Love,” is the Fergie sound which sold multiple of her singles, such as, “London Bridge,” & “Fergalicious.”

Though who really knows, maybe her label thought it would be good to get her out of the spotlight since her album did s well, having 5 Top 5 Billboard Hot 100’s, and receiving exposure from Mid-2006 through Early 2008. Or that she needed to lay off of the spotlight since her groups expected album is supposed to be released anytime soon. Anyways I really think “Finally,” and “Labels Or Love,” deserved the full quality single releases which hthey didn’t receive.

Back At One!

So I must say I think it’s a good turn of events for Britney Spears to finally score her second number 1 Billboard Hot 100 single, for the week of October 18th, 2008. “Womanizer,” the lead single from her forthcoming album Circus, went from number 96 to 1 in a week-mainly off of downloads, and continued airplay. Although I am kind of wondering how “Gimme More,” which shot to number 3 last year primarily after its digital release; And after it kind of started to fall slowly.

Regardless this is the right way to continue Britney’s 2nd coming of her career, especially since a spring tour is planned for promotion of Circus as well as Blackout (2007). I remembering hearing that this album was going to be more in the Urban Pop direction, though “Womanizer,” seems more Electro Pop to me, I guess time will tell what the album’s sound will consists of. Circus is due in stores on Spears 27th birthday, this Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Trio, Best Way Now!

Wow, so Diddy actually wasn’t “kicking” Aubrey O’Day out of Danity Kane as a publicity stunt. Big surprise that Wanita “D.Woods” Woodgette left the group as well, I think not; especially since their Ebony & Ivory friendship. Which I did find really ironic because back when the members were finally chosen as the group, Aubrey and Aundrea were best friends and it seemed genuine. Didn’t really see or notice when they kind of went their own ways.

It leaves the possibility for any sort of group with the label Danity Kane, and under Bad Boy Records, really in an odd direction. The best route for them in my eyes would be to continue as a trio. But most likely and as already speculated, Diddy is probably going to hold auditions for a Making The Band 5. To me, that’s doing way too much. Its bad enough Diddy practically broke the group up, rather letting them do so on their own, but you know in his mind he is thinking of this.

Poor Shannon, never really had a big role in the group (meaning never had many exciting solo parts), or on the show, yet was and probably is the nicest member of the group. For that only reason I hope for success of Danity Kane only if they continue as a trio or unless Diddy signs each to a solo deal. New members are out of the picture for me, it just won’t be the same.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bye Bye Aubrey! Not a good move Diddy...

OK, what in the world was Diddy thinking of kicking out Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane, even if he only did it for a publicity stunt. It’s going to make fans of her, not like him, and lose respect for the band in general if he pulls stuff like this. Girl groups have line up changes on their own, Diddy get out of the girl [ish] business and let them do the breaking up, and line up changes on their own.

Aubrey may not be the best singer in the group, but she playas very important role in the group if you ask me, even if you call her the crazy/slut/fake whatever it may be, she does add a lot of spunk to DK which would not be there if she wasn’t.
I did not see the episode of this past weeks Making The Band, but it’s not marketable move. She’s an interesting person. So if you are for real Diddy, bad move!

Keri Hilson almost had a banger!

So I must say, I thought Keri Hilson made a great Pop song along with Timbaland, “Return The Favor.” But I come to find out that the official or album version of the song completely changes the chorus into a different less catchy chorus. The boring album version features Keri saying “hey” over and over, while Timbaland responds, “I’ll Return The Favor.” Yes it really is that annoying and lame!

So, it’s still is a good song, but sadly enough I’d prefer to illegally download the demo version rather than the album version. Also the album version, which is currently featured on online sites has a really long, no lyrics outro. Also boring.

All together Keri really should have gone with the demo version, but I am wondering if she didn’t cause the lyrics may have been “too dirty.” It said things like “Love me and I’ll love you back…”

Pretty much this is the “Promiscuous,” of 2008, by Keri & Timbo rather than Nelly Furtado.