Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Amer.Idol 3.19.08 | Top 11 --> Top 10!!

So this week I am still wanting the same people off of Amer.Idol. Which includes Kristy Lee Cook(I don't like country Idols for the most part, except Carrie Underwood-and I gotta hear Kellie Pickler tonight, goodness), Chikezie(Still reminds me of a Ruben and I can do with out...), Michael Johns(If he kept doing the soul-pop thing rather soul-rock, I'd like him...) and Syesha Mercado(She supposedly had a good week, so she can be spared this week! But she bores me.) But yeah those are who I really want to get off soon!

Plus Ramielle needs to step up her game or soon she's gonna be off. It's like she doesn't wanna be there since all of her friends left... Her song choice has been really bad.

My fave's are still Amanda, Brooke, David C., and Jason C.. So I hope they make it into the top 6 which you know most likely David A. & Carly will be in with them as well... Since they are the popular votes and best male/female vocals this year.

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