Monday, March 24, 2008

"Go find her on the mountain in Colorado."

Being from Colorado myself, I found it extremely funny, what Spencer [Pratt] from MTV's The Hills said on the premier episode which aired tonight. When he was talking to his sister who came over to find his house extremely messy, when she asked him, what are you going to do? He responded, "Go find her on the mountain in Colorado." It really isn't funny, but when you think of how he said it and in the context it is.. Hey Spencer, guess the luck wasn't too good on that mountain in Colorado, huh?

Was it just me too, or did Heidi look extremely different when she was in Colorado, like her forehead/face/hair... O' well! Wonder what this season will bring for us.

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  1. Lol does he know how many mountains there r in Colorado??? I wish I would be seein these episodes...sounds like I'm missin a lot!!!!!