Friday, March 7, 2008

Amer.Idol 5.7.08 Recap | Top 12

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I was actually sad yesterday to see Asia’h Epperson leave Amer.Idol,
especially over Kristy Lee Cook. I think Asia’h had a good voice, and
was very unique. Her vocals even reminded me of Keyshia Cole’s!! So
that was sad, as for Kady Maloy I kinda knew she was going, she stood
on probably way longer than anybody would have thought she would have.

Again, I’m not one bit sad that boring I mean Luke Menard left. Week
after week he seemed like the one Simon should have said was
forgettable and had no personality. So thank goodness he’s finally
gone. As for Danny leaving, I was mad about that as well. Yes he was
a bit girl, yes he was a bit dramatic but that was actually different.
Plus his voice was bad if you ask me, I mean it wasn’t the type of
voice I would expect from somebody who was gay. I really wanted to
see Chikezie go home. He is really starting to annoy me. He’s
practically like the Rueben Studdard of the show just lighter and has
a roll of the back of his head [that is weird]. Plus he won’t win -no

So as of now I guess who I would think of winning would still have to
be David Archuleta for the guys. I mean do you hear how much
promotion he’s getting. Song writers already writing songs for him,
you know that makes him feel really good.

As for the girls they are saying the best vocals are coming from Carly
consistently and most often, so I guess she’d be the girl ahead of the
race. Although I’d rather it be someone like Ramiele M. She is good,
and I think seriously her songs aren’t letting her showcase her voice
as needed.

Here are my projected positions of the challenge as is now, although I
am plugging David
Archuleta in as the winner based of the fact of all of his publicity.
The rest of the positions are who I would like to see… So in all the
spots 12-2 is basically an order of who I like the most at this
moment. Not a big fan of who I listed as 12-9… I really think Asia’h
and Danny would have made this top 12 way more enjoyable and or fun : (

12. Chikezie
11. Kristy Lee Cook

10. Syesha Mercado
9. Michael Johns
8. Carly Smithson
7. David Hernandez
6. Amanda Overmyer
5. Brooke White
4. David Cook
3. Ramiele Malubay
2. Jason Castro
1. David Archuleta

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