Monday, March 24, 2008

Pretty much boring until the note!

So I saw Mariah [Carey] perform "Touch My Body," again for the second time live, 1st I saw was on SNL and now on The Hills special premier, which aired tonight. And I must admit, she's NOT the greatest performer. Yes she can sing live better than some, but all she does is just stand there. And moves her hands to the note she's singing. It's nothing spectacular. The biggest excitement during a MC performance is seeing if she can actually hold the note that's usually in her song, as long as she did on the track. Well in short yes, I don't recall if MC was every a extraordinary performer [great vocals and a show(dance, audience interaction)] but clearly she isn't anymore. Also she had some guy come out to server her water, and throat spray, which didn't help her much because she still half way lost her voice during the finale song, "We Belong Together."

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